6 Self-Checks Every Woman Should do ...


6 Self-Checks Every Woman Should do ...
6 Self-Checks Every Woman Should do ...

When it comes to your health and maintaining an everyday sense of wellness, for many women all over the world this kind of thing comes in the form of self-checks that can be performed on a regular basis. Unless you have a chronic problem you really don’t need to be visiting the doctor every week, so it is up to you instead to keep a check on changes that happen with your body. Here are the most important self-checks that every woman should do.

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You should be taking the time to check your breasts for lumps and irregularities at least once a month. Most of the time slight changes and small bumps felt are harmless and nothing more than hormonal, but just in case something more sinister is happening, you need to make sure that you keep on top of being able to notice when something is wrong.



Skin cancer is one of the most common types across the world, and it also one of the most treatable when caught at an early stage. Once a month, check over all of your moles, birthmarks, and blemishes to see if any changes in size, colour, or feel have occurred.


Waist Circumference

Putting on weight is something that most of us do a little bit of from time to time, but it can help to keep a check of the bigger picture by checking your waist measurement about once every four months. If there has been a significant increase, then that can be the alarm bell that you need to perhaps think about some lifestyle changes and start to lose belly fat.



Unless it is running amazingly fast, your pulse isn’t really something that you feel all the time, but you should check your heart rate about once a month. If it is too fast, it just be the sign of an overactive thyroid or any number of heart issues, and if it is too low, then there are just as many things to consider on the other side of the spectrum. A normal rate is anywhere between 60 and 100.



Even when you are an adult, it can be good to keep track of your height! Measuring your height once a year can be a good way of keeping tabs on your bone health, because if you are losing height, then it could be a sign of something like early symptoms of osteoporosis.


Blood Pressure

Your blood pressureis another thing that you can’t physically feel, so you need to be checking it every one to two weeks to ensure that you aren’t at risk. Always check it at a time when you are most calm during the day to guarantee a reading that isn’t affected by external factors.

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