9 Signs You Party Too Hard aka You Drink Too Much ...

By Glenys

9 Signs You Party Too Hard aka You Drink Too Much ...

Here’s the thing, we all like to have a good time in life and burn the candle at both ends on occasion, but the problem starts to arise when that delicate balance between work and play starts to tip in the direction of all play and no work. We all deserve the chance to let loose and have a little fun from time to time, but how much fun is too much fun, exactly? Here are 9 signs you party too hard.

1 Fatigue

If you are waking up every day feeling like you haven’t had any good rest at all, then it’s probably because your quality of sleep has been affected but your drinking and partying. One of the key things that arises is dehydration, which leads to all the other things like sore eyes, puffiness, and bags under the eyes.

2 Poor Work Performance

You are turning up to work every day, but you are much more there in body than in spirit. Even if you are high achiever, you can’t burn the candle at both ends and still expect to excel in your career. If you work performance has declined, it’s probably because your drinking has increased.

3 Mood Swings

Alcohol can make you feel really good, but it can also make you feel really bad on other side of the adventure. Excessive drinking will absolutely take a toll on your mental health, and this can often be recognised in periods of high mood followed by low mood.

4 High Blood Pressure

Annoyingly, high blood pressure isn’t something that you can physically feel happening to you, so to find out if you have it, you need to get a full check-up from your doctor. It is one of the most prominent conditions that can arise from indulging in too much of a drinking and partying lifestyle.

5 Bad Glucose Control

Another thing that is hard to spot, but that can also cause havoc for your health. If you are drinking lots of alcohol and find yourself overly dehydrated, then you are more likely to crave foods that are high in sugar. This can lead to severe issues like type 2 diabetes.

6 Reduced Immunity

You might find that you are much more susceptible and vulnerable to falling ill with other various ailments when live a life of regular, excessive drinking. You will be much more prone to things like colds, yeast infections, and cold sores, as well as much more serious things like ulcers.

7 Indigestion

When your main food group is alcohol, it has an inflammatory and unsettling effect on your digestive system. Poor digestion can then lead to things like weight gain, not to mention the added high calorie content of booze in the first place.

8 Headaches

You are probably experiencing an increased amount of headaches throughout the week, and this will be due to the severe hydration that your body goes through as a result of all the drinking.

9 Tolerance

The cruel part of partying too hard is that your body starts to grow a tolerance for the alcohol, meaning that you need to drink more of it in order to get a buzz. Of course, this increased amount is going to do even more damage.

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