7 Signs You're Getting Burnt out from Work ...

By Lisa

Are you wondering if you’re starting to show some of the signs you’re getting burnt out from work? The term burnout was coined by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in the 1970s. It refers to the consequences of severe stress and high ideals experienced by people working in helping professions. These days, we know people in all types of professions are at risk of feeling burnt out, from working super long hours, obsessing about work and projects and feeling drained. So, if you think you might be experiencing some of the signs you’re getting burnt out, keep reading below.

1 No Motivation

One of the key signs you’re getting burnt out is when you start lacking motivation to do things. It might start with having trouble getting motivated to get up and get to work in the morning or just the thought of going to work might seem like a huge undertaking. I know we all have those days where we’d rather be anywhere but at work but when you’re burned out from work, you’ll feel like this pretty much all the time.

2 Exhaustion

Another common sign of job burnout is when you’re tired all the time. Do you lack the energy to do things you used to love to do? Is it a huge chore to get the energy to hang out with friends? Exhaustion doesn’t just have to be physical; it can also be emotional or mental where you just feel like you don’t have any more to give. Allow yourself time to unplug and unwind, practice a relaxing ritual each day like writing in a journal or stretching.

3 You Constantly Think about Work

When you’re burned out from work, the way you think about work will change. In the past you might’ve thought about how you can get ahead at work or new ideas. When work seems overwhelming, you might spend much of your waking hours thinking about what you need to do and what you haven’t finished. Try thinking about new projects you want to be involved in and what you want to do instead of what you have to do.

4 You’re Not Caring for Yourself

If you’re feeling burnt out from work, it might seem easier to just stop caring for yourself as much as before. You might start eating more junk food, stop working out, drink excessively or not get enough sleep. These things might seem like helpful coping strategies at the time, like you’re treating yourself, but over time it’s very unhealthy.

5 Lack of Perspective

The next sign of job burnout to look for is a lack of perspective. Do you feel like everyone else at work has it way easier than you? Maybe it feels like you work the hardest yet you seem to get passed up for all the opportunities to get head. While it might appear that everyone has it easy, everyone struggles and works hard. Focus on ways you can get ahead and take charge of your future!

6 You Avoid People

Do you ever find yourself avoiding people because you don’t feel like you have the energy to socialize? Or maybe you avoid certain people because you don’t want them to add more work to your increasing workload. Both scenarios are signs you’re burned out from work and it’s no way to live! Start mastering your schedule, ask for help or you might even want to consider changing roles.

7 You Feel Dissatisfied

Many times, job burnout affects us in all areas of our life. Some people experience job burnout but are still able to maintain an active social life and have fun outside of work. Others tend to feel a general dissatisfaction with all areas, be it their work or home life, and feel unhappy or like they're in a rut.

There are many signs of feeling burnt out from work and a variety of contributing reasons. Whether you’re taking on too many responsibilities at work or you’re spreading yourself too thin from your duties outside of work, it could be time to scale back. Think about whether you’re moving in the direction you want to go in your career or life. You might find that you‘re unhappy in your current line of work and need a change. If you can relate to some of these signs of burnout, don’t wait until it’s too late to act! Talk to someone you trust about how you feel and get yourself back on track! How do you deal with burnout?

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