7 Sound Reasons Not to do a Juice Cleanse ...

By Jessica

Doing a juice fast is currently a very popular trend, however there are actually many great reasons not to do a juice cleanse! There are other, healthier and more effective ways to drop pounds and help your body restore balance. Juicing can be great as part of a well-rounded healthy diet, however listed below are a few reasons not to do a juice cleanse that are pretty convincing!

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A Juice Cleanse Doesn't Actually Detox

A common pseudoscience belief is that other remedies, besides our body's own organ system, can draw out toxins and restore health. One of the reasons not to do a juice cleanse is because our body is amazing, in that it has all the working parts (kidneys, liver and intestines) to process and eliminate toxic material we encounter on a daily basis through environment and food. With the proper diet of whole foods and taking precautions in avoiding too much exposure in general, your body has all it needs to process toxins and keep you feeling great!


Lack of Fiber Can Be Harmful to Your Gut

Because a juice cleanse contains only the liquid form of fruits and veggies, you're missing all the important dense fiber within these foods. Fiber is essential for optimal digestive health and nutrient absorption- not to mention it supports your body's natural function of eliminating toxins through waste excretion! If you like the idea of juicing, add it to your overall diet or try a green smoothie instead, which has whole fruits and veggies and keeps you full and satisfied!


Insufficient Calories

Another reason to skip on the juice fast trend is that it deprives your body of adequate calories, including fat which is needed for nutrient absorption! Sure, you're getting loads of nutrients, which is beneficial, however when you dip below your daily caloric intake specific to your needs, over time your body goes into starvation mode. That means your body will find energy somewhere else and what's most efficient? Muscle. Not fat, but muscle. The weight loss you see is due to water weight and muscle loss from inadequate calories and protein.


Too Much Sugar

We all need sugar in our diet that's found from natural sources like fruit. However, too much sugar from any source can send your blood sugar levels through the roof, which is hard on your kidneys and leaves you feeling weak, tired, excessively thirsty and hungry. For people with health concerns like diabetes or kidney problems, a juice cleanse would definitely not be a good idea because of the high levels of sugar.


You Have Zero Energy

Because you're depriving your body of adequate calories on a juice cleanse diet, you're energy will be zapped. You may experience dizziness, fatigue and irritability on top of having a slower metabolism and low amounts energy and stamina. This isn't ideal for most people in their daily routines as it requires a lot of down time, both physically and mentally.

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Results Aren't Lasting

Like most restrictive diets, once they are over and you establish a normal routine of eating, your body will bounce back close to where it was and you may even gain MORE weight. You've lost water weight and possibly some muscle as well, but you'll gain it back once your fast is over. Stick to lifestyle changes that can be sustained, like a well-balanced diet of fresh and unprocessed foods.


It's Expensive!

Lastly, it's good to remember that a juice cleanse is expensive. The juicer itself is hundreds of dollars and on top of that, you're buying loads of veggies and fruits daily. You'll be surprised the small amount of juice that is produced from a huge bundle of fruits and veggies! And if you opt for organic, which is always better, the cost goes up even more.

There's definitely nothing wrong with juicing itself, especially when it's added to a well-balanced diet! It does pack in a lot of nutrients that are beneficial. Remember that it's always best to stick to lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix to drop weight. Are there any tips you'd like to share about juicing and why it's better not to do a cleanse?

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Yea she was so wrong about half this stuff

Good article. I can't imagine risking that much for it.

Very informative! Juice cleansing is like a trend and i see so many rave about it but ive always had my doubts. I like how this article puts more perspective on the fad and gives advice on how to try and do it right

If you do a juice cleanse correctly you can avoid these issues. I did a 5 day juice cleanse just to get my body back to feeling normal. If you stick to a 70% veggie 30% fruit recipe you avoid too much sugar. Also if you have proper juice recipes you can still get anywhere between 1200-2000 calories a day. On my 5 day cleanse I slept so much better and still had enough energy to go to spin class and swim laps at the gym every day of the cleanse. It's all about doing a cleanse properly and with the help of either a nutritionist or doctor to make sure you don't do more harm than good

Uh hi, sorry i just thought i should just point a couple of things out, you can incorporate fibre and omega in your juice by adding chia seeds, flax seeds, ect, and these are very popular in all juice clenses that i have seen, the affects do last, its like a reset button, and its help your metabolism masses, so lasts a permanent affect. Another point is that you said intestine and stomachs ect help to purify your normal foods, it is very important to give your digestive organs a break, because that could lead to lowering your metabolism