7 Steps to Overcoming Work Anxiety ...

By Alicia

7 Steps to Overcoming Work Anxiety ...

Work anxiety is never pleasant to deal with. It affects your attitude toward your job as well as your ability to perform it. It can make you dread going to work and make you worry about your work situation when you’re off. These are some things that you can do to overcome your work anxiety once and for all.

Table of contents:

  1. identify the source of your anxiety
  2. use avoidance if possible
  3. come up with a plan
  4. learn some breathing techniques
  5. give yourself an inner pep talk
  6. go to your manager
  7. look for another job

1 Identify the Source of Your Anxiety

The first thing you should do if you’re dealing with work anxiety is identify the cause of it. Is there a specific person at work that makes you feel anxious? Is it a certain situation such as a weekly meeting that gives you work anxiety? Figuring out why you have work anxiety can help you figure out how to deal with it.

2 Use Avoidance if Possible

This isn’t always possible but there are situations where avoidance can be a helpful strategy. It doesn’t solve the problem but it does give you some time to figure out a better way to deal with it. There are times that you can avoid things that make you feel anxious at work and it can go unnoticed. Of course you don’t want to go this route if it’ll affect your job performance. If it’s a situation where you someone treats you unkindly at work, avoiding that person can help.

3 Come up with a Plan

Avoidance isn’t usually the best long-term strategy. So it’s best to come up with a plan. If there’s someone that’s unkind to you then you may want to consider confronting them about the issue. If it makes you nervous to do a certain task at work, maybe you could ask for more training in that area. Having a plan can help you begin to overcome your anxiousness.

4 Learn Some Breathing Techniques

There are some breathing techniques that you can use when you feel anxious at work. They’re very effective at helping you get through a situation that makes you anxious. You can search for detailed instructions to help you learn them. Basically, this sort of breathing focuses on belly breathing, which means you’re consciously taking deep breaths. This sort of breathing can help you feel calmer.

5 Give Yourself an Inner Pep Talk

Sometimes an inner pep talk can help tremendously. Tell yourself that you can deal with whatever is causing your work anxiety. Reminding yourself that you’re capable of handling difficult situations can give you confidence. Remind yourself you’re good at your job and that you give it your best effort. An inner pep talk can help nip your work anxiety in the bud.

6 Go to Your Manager

If you’re dealing with a situation at work that you can’t deal with on your own then it’s time to go to your manager. It’s good to try to deal with situations on your own but there’re some that you simply can’t. It’s the responsibility of your manager to help you handle problems at work. If it’s a situation where your manager is the cause of your work anxiety then this obviously isn’t an option. You may have to go to your boss’s boss for help.

7 Look for Another Job

If the problem that you’re facing can’t be solved then you may need to look for another job. Of course you want to try to resolve whatever issue is causing you work anxiety. But if it’s a situation where that isn’t going to happen, then looking for another job may be your best option. You spend a lot of your time at work. You don’t want to be miserable while you’re there.

These are 7 things you can do to deal with work anxiety. Have you been in this situation before? You’re welcome to share your experiences.

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