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7 Steps to Take if You're Tired All the Time ...

By Alison

It's unfortunately quite common to feel tired all the time, given the busy pace of modern life. We have so many demands on our time, and may be working long hours while looking after a home and family. Sleep patterns can be affected by stress, which leaves us feeling exhausted. There can also be medical reasons for feeling worn out. Here are some steps you can take if you're feeling tired all the time …

1 Consult Your Doctor

Consult Your DoctorThe first step you should take if you're tired all the time is to make an appointment to see your doctor. There are many medical reasons that could explain constant tiredness, such as anaemia or an underactive thyroid. A simple blood test can show if you have either of these problems, as well as check your vitamin levels.

2 Check Your Diet

Check Your DietAn inadequate diet can also play a part in making you feel tired a lot. After all, how can you have enough energy if you live on junk food and aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables? So give your diet an overhaul. Replace refined and processed foods with whole foods, and cook meals from fresh ingredients. Make these changes gradually and you should feel much more energetic.


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3 Lifestyle

LifestyleIf you're pregnant or the mother of a young child, then no wonder you are tired! It's especially exhausting if you have twins or children close in age. Try to take naps and rest when your baby or toddler is sleeping during the day. Also take up any offers to babysit. It will do you good to have to time to yourself, and using it to rest will be very beneficial to you.

4 Up Your Fluid Intake

Up Your Fluid IntakeYou might be surprised to learn that dehydration can actually cause tiredness. This happens because dehydration makes the blood thicker, causing the heart to work harder and use up more energy. Try consuming more water and less coffee or sugary sodas. Drink the water throughout the day; if you don't like water on its own, add a slice of lemon.

5 Lights out

Lights outDo you tend to use your computer or watch TV late at night? This kind of light can mess with your melatonin production, thus making it difficult to get to sleep. You then feel tired because you haven't slept enough. So try to switch off the screens an hour or so before going to bed. Also make an effort to get out in daylight. This can be difficult in winter, so try taking a walk during your lunch break.

6 Super Siesta

Super SiestaIf you get tired during the day, taking a nap can help boost your energy levels. The trick with taking a nap is to avoid letting it go on too long, or you will feel groggy and may find it hard to sleep that night. Set your alarm to limit your nap - 30 minutes is enough time to refresh you without overdoing it.

7 Vital Vitamins

Vital VitaminsFinally, have your vitamin levels checked (this can be done in a blood test). Tiredness can be a symptom of a type of anaemia caused by a Vitamin B deficiency. Other culprits can be low levels of Vitamin D or iron. Your doctor may recommend a good quality supplement, and you should also ensure that you eat a balanced diet to give you enough vitamins and minerals.

There are many reasons why you may feel "tired all the time", so it's important to rule out any medical issues before anything else. Getting more sleep won't help if you are iron deficient. Sometimes it's down to lifestyle and diet issues, though, and making some simple changes to your routine and diet will give your energy a boost. Has there ever been any surprising reasons for you feeling tired?

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