7 Stunning Facts about Your Sweat You Never Knew ...


7 Stunning Facts about Your Sweat You Never Knew ...
7 Stunning Facts about Your Sweat You Never Knew ...

There are some stunning facts about sweat your probably never knew. You may find yourself sweating thinking of your deepest fear or talking to a longtime crush. You sweat more in the heat and in your toughest workouts; you are covered in sweat upon completion. Is this normal or are you an excessive sweater? I find myself completing workouts covered in sweat and feeling more accomplished. What about you? Let me share with you some facts about sweat that you probably never knew.

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Your Deodorant Makes a Difference

Antiperspirant deodorant helps to control your sweat but if you have been using the same deodorant for years and it no longer works as well, switch it up. Try another deodorant to control your sweat because your body may become adjusted to one brand. Variety is the spice of life in everything; even deodorant!


Sweat is Healthy

If you are exercising and sweating during the process, great job! Proper hydration will have you sweating, burning calories and eliminating toxins from the body! So sweat out the toxins and better your health with a great workout.


Guys Sweat More than Girls

If you noticed your man sweating so much more than you, don’t blame the dude, he can’t help it! Men sweat more than women due to testosterone. So cut your man some slack and let him get his sweat on while he works out!


You Have Lots of Sweat Glands

You seriously have a lot of sweat glands in your body, over two million actually but all for different function. You have eccrine and apocrine sweat glands in your body. Eccrine glands help to cool you down. And apocrine are in your underarm and groin areas.


Sweat Glands Are Linked to Your Brain

Since your sweat glands are linked to your brain, simply thinking about something that stresses you can have you sweating. Try it out and start thinking about your fears, pretty crazy! Now stop thinking about what stresses you and watch the stress stop.


Stress Sweat Smells Horrible

The worst smelling sweat is stress sweat. If you finally get the urge to talk to a long time crushes and walk away smelling kind of funky, you are not alone. That is because stress sweat hands in the apocrine glands. So relax, it is temporary and it shall pass!


Sweating Too Much is a Syndrome

If you sweat excessively even when you are not exercising or stressing, this is a syndrome caller hyperhidrosis. Visit your doctor to be diagnosed and possibly even put on a prescription. This can be something you are self-conscious of so visit your doctor to help you to get on track and relax!

With all these facts about sweat, find the right deodorant and don’t be afraid to sweat when you work out. Are you ready to get your sweat on?

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Sweat is NOT ridding your body of toxins. That's what your liver and kidneys do 🙄

Great article thanks

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