7 Health Facts All Women Should Know ...


7 Health Facts All Women Should Know ...
7 Health Facts All Women Should Know ...

Let’s face it, in a world that throws information at us by the second, we need a definite list of health facts every woman should know! It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest food scandal, diet news or illness research, and much of the information we hear can’t really be used for anything anyway. Here are the health facts every woman should know that you should definitely be aware of too – you can leave the rest behind!

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Green Tea is Great…

Okay, so green tea is regularly recommended for women anyway, usually because it works as an appetite suppressant. But it’s not just a dietary aid – green tea is packed with compounds that promote bone growth, and prevent bones from weakening. Preliminary studies suggest that these properties make it excellent for preventing osteoporosis – a condition which affects women four times more than men. It’s definitely time to add green tea to your daily diet – this is one of the top health facts every woman should know, to make us all stronger!


Breast Cancer May Be Linked to Weight…

There is a whole host of reasons why someone might get cancer, from exposure to chemicals to your genetic make up. What’s less well-known is that lifestyle choices can play a big part, too. Breast cancer is thought to affect one in every eight women at one stage in their lifetime, and some studies have found overweight women are fifty percent more likely to get the disease. Losing just half a stone can make a drastic difference to your chances, and most people can cut out some extra calories quite easily – go through your cupboards, fridge and shopping list, and swap everything for healthier versions. Your body will thank you for it.


Lipstick Can Affect the Heart…

Do you know how lipstick is made? You’d be forgiven for caring more about the color and texture than the ingredients, but you might be shocked to learn what’s inside some lippies. Parabens, lead, calcium and triclosan are all common, and lipstick is easily absorbed into the blood stream. While we should aim to avoid all of the above, if you are a regular liptick wearer, check your favorites for triclosan. Studies on mice have shown that this drug can cause heart issues, muscular problems and interrupted brain processes. The study is yet to be repeated on humans, but leading brands such as Johnson and Johnson have backed out of using the chemical, so find a safer brand and save yourself the risk.


Your Bra Might Be Crippling Your Head…

Wearing the wrong sized bra? Four out of five women are, despite repeated advice that it creates an unflattering posture, and can be responsible for back ache and stiffness. They can even cause headaches! Your boobs won’t stay the same size throughout your life, so get measured at least once a year, and replace bras when they are worn. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have just stopped breastfeeding, get measured again. It’s so worth it – not only will your body look better, but you’ll be healthier and feel better, too.


Your Scalp Needs Covering…

Even the most rigorous sun lotion appliers often forget about their scalps – but your hair offers no real protection from the sun’s rays. Cover yourself in sun cream, a lipbalm containing sun protection and A HAT! Get into the habit of rocking a style that suits you, from a baseball cap to a big straw hat, and protect your head.


Women Have Lower Limits…

There’s always been speculation about whether men can ‘handle’ alcohol better than women, and it’s finally been judged to be true. It’s nothing to do with size, either – studies show that women produce less of the stomach enzyme necessary to break down ethanol. This means that even when a man and woman have drunk exactly the same amount of alcohol, the woman has a higher blood alcohol level. There’s also less water in the female body, which makes diluting the alcohol more difficult, and leads to worsened hangover symptoms such as headaches and dry mouths. Experts recommend limiting yourself to three glasses on any given day, to remain healthy and cause minimal long-term damage to your health.


Your Heart Rate is Allowed to Change…

Do you worry about your heart? While charities across the world are currently campaigning for more people to be aware of their heart health, most women couldn’t name the symptoms of heart disease, and the British Journal of Medicine recently revealed that more and more women are visiting the doctor with heartbeat related concerns. Ideally, your heart rate should be between 60 and 80 beats per minute if you are at rest. A heart rate below 60 might need to be checked by a doctor (unless you are an athlete!), especially if accompanied by lightheadedness or dizziness, and a rate of over 100 could be an indication of poor fitness.

I found out some amazing facts while compiling this list – did you know, for example, that substance doctors are seeing more and more women who have become addicted to their friends’ prescription medications? Or that chemicals from sharks used in moisturizers have been proven to repair skin damaged during chemotherapy, without reducing its effects? There’s a world of information out there! Do you know a health fact every woman should know? I’d love to hear them!

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Being a former employee at Victoria's Secret, I can vouch that most women (70%) are wearing the wrong bra size, and it's terrible. Not only does it not do anything for the "ladies," but it can put a lot of strain on shoulders, too. Women shouldn't be afraid of going in and getting fitted. It's healthier, and you'll be way more comfortable/confident!

A fast heart rate doesn't necessarily mean poor fitness!! There are common heart problems that can cause increased heart rate. If your resting heart rate is over 100bpm, you should get it checked out by your dr!!

Sugar breaks down collagen and elastin which can cause wrinkles. So too much chocolate doesn’t give you pimples, it can give you wrinkles!

@princess or a spray-much like volumizing spray to use after the shower. Because shampoo gets washed out!

Going to bed with your makeup on can age your skin up to 7 times faster.

Looking for healthy cosmetics, Arbonne is my choice

haha somebody should make like a sunscreen shampoo to protect your scalp! :p

I'm sad to find out lipstick is bad for your heart. Is there tricks to do to avoid this problem? Like petroleum jelly on your lips then red lipstick? Or safe brands with gorgeous colors? I'm in love with Smash box. ]=

these have made me realise will definetly get measures more often x

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