7 Facts on Breasts ...


7 Facts on Breasts ...
7 Facts on Breasts ...

For some odd reason, I have decided to do a blog on breasts – 7 facts on breasts. This topic came to my mind when I was reading cosmopolitan the other day. So, I added it to my topic and it has been approved to write – thank you. So, let me get started on this blog …

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Research has showed that at least 4,000,000 sets of these girls are fake. Over two million women in the United States along have had breast implants. The average age they get this done is thirty four. It is said that ninety percent of them have it after they have children. They usually go up a couple of breast sizes when they get these implants. Of course, implants carry health risks, so you should think before you get them. Really, I can’t see why anyone would want to get them – of course, this comes to someone who is gifted with a larger paid … but still, you should always be happy with how you are.



There are certain exercises that will make your breasts more perky. Push ups and chest presses are one of the best breast enhancing exercises to do. So, if you girls are looking to make them perky, try doing those two exercises. There are more exercises for this purpose, which you can look up on Google search. Of course, you should add those in with the exercises you are already doing – you can’t spot exercise.


Like the Penis

Breasts are a lot like the penis. Why did I say this? Because they tend to swell up when the woman feels aroused. I will leave it at that now.


Bra-like Garments

You might be surprised to learn just how long those bras have been around. Garments that were like bras have been around since the 7th century BC. However, large scale production did not start until the 1930’s.


Saggy Boobs

I know, eventually, this is going to set in. However, they say that smoke breaks down your skin’s elastin, so you’ll have saggy boobs early. So, point blank, don’t smoke. Not just because you do not want to be a saggy smoker, but because you do not want cancer and other health issues.


Average Cost of Surgery

The average cost of implants is $3,700.00. Mind you, this only includes the implant. This does not include the additional surgeries that the woman is going to have to go through, like wrinkling, rippling and ruptures.


Right Time to Go to the Doctor

Breasts are the least tender and smoothest one week after your period. This would be the best time to have a doctors visit and have a check up. This will make it easier on the doctor to feel for any lumps.

Those are 7 facts on breasts. I know some of you already know these facts, but some do not. I don’t know why I get the feeling that more guys will be attracted to this post. Just kidding. So, would you like to tell me some more facts?

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