8 Signs of Breast Cancer ...


8 Signs of Breast Cancer ...
8 Signs of Breast Cancer ...

Advancements in medicine and overall technology have provided women diagnosed with breast cancer a way to successfully fight this disease. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women. The statistics for a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer is 1 out of every 8 women. With stats that high, you might want to memorize the 8 signs of breast cancer that I’ve listed below. Being well informed is the best way to prevent fatalities from this disease.

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A lot of viruses and daily activities cause fatigue. However, be on the lookout for an insurmountable level of fatigue. If you are feeling tired nearly all day and every day, then it might be time to pay a visit to your doctor. Unfortunately, fatigue is a sign associated with the latter stages of breast cancer.


Reddish Skin near Nipple or on the Breast Itself

You should know the normal color of your breasts, so any odd tint to your breasts should cause you to question the reasons for this change. Make sure the reddish or pink appearance of your skin or nipple isn’t caused by a change in laundry detergent or a chemical in your clothing before you get all worked up about it.


A Clear or Blood-tinged Nipple Discharge

Having a slight discharge coming from the nipple isn’t abnormal for some women. If you’ve never had this happen, then you might want to have your doctor run some tests. While bloody nipple discharge should never be considered a normal occurrence, there are other colors that might be normal for some people; green, white, yellow, and clear are common colors for both normal and abnormal nipple discharge.


Lump under Arm

Lymph nodes are placed all over your body and the ones under your arms are commonly affected when breast cancer is present. During your monthly self-examination, you should be sure to check for lumps under each arm as well. Palpitate the entire area under your armpit and even a little bit outwards from it.


Inverted Nipple

Cancerous cells cause a spider-like formation that often causes the tissue around the nipples to be pulled inwards, thus creating an inverted nipple. Also look for signs of the nipple being pulled in one direction. This is also caused by the presence of cancerous cells.


Changes in Appearance

Fluctuation in hormone levels cause breasts to change in appearance. Be observant of your breasts so that you know the difference between a normal change in appearance and an abnormal one. Watch for a sign of dimpling, retracting, or twisting in your breast or breast tissue. Strange bulges should also be of concern.


Inflammation of Breast Tissue

The swelling of breasts is normal to a certain degree. An excess amount of water or the onset of your period both tends to cause slight swelling of breast tissue. If the swelling seems to be an abnormal amount or accompanied by skin that has the texture of the outside of an orange peel, then this could be caused by an infection that is treatable with antibiotics. This strange texture and swelling is also one of the early signs of breast cancer.


Lump on Breast

This is the most common sign that women tend to look for and notice most often during their self-examination. It’s also good to keep in mind that nearly 8 out of the 10 lumps detected by women in their breasts are benign. Hopefully this eases your mind a bit and you don’t start to panic if you find a lump.

I’m sure the onset of breast cancer is in the back of every woman’s mind at some point in her life. I hope these 8 signs of breast cancer help you to become more aware of what to look for. Has anyone in your family already been diagnosed with breast cancer?

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