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When it comes to having sex, many women are brought up in taboo-ridden environments where they are completely misinformed when it comes to what goes on under the sheets, thus creating entire generations of women who have to deal with an influx of what I like to call "contraception misconceptions." Contraception misconceptions completely defeat the purpose of having protected sex! There are so many old wives tales and misinformed teenagers eager to uncover the truth, so I have put together a much needed list of 7 common misconceptions about female contraception.

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You Can’t Get Pregnant if He Pulls out before He Ejaculates

Probably the most common contraception misconception amongst teenagers and inexperienced women today... what a flat out myth! Even if your best friend tells you this works, I can assure you it most certainly does not. Why? Because there is a little something that exists within the male body called pre-ejaculate, which can get you pregnant just the same as a full on ejaculation. Not to mention you’re still at risk for STDs. So do not rely on this outdated withdrawal method to protect you from getting pregnant. For one you’re putting a lot of trust in your partner and in the heat of the moment it’s not easy to pull out.


You Can’t Get Pregnant if It’s Your First Time

This is another complete fallacy or contraception misconception. Of course you can still get pregnant your first time, just as if you were having sex any other time. The female body and reproductive system isn’t at all connected to "popping your cherry" so use protection just as you always would.


You Can’t Get Pregnant if You’re on Your Period

Although it is significantly less likely that you will get pregnant while on your period, everyone’s body is different, so it is definitely a contraception misconception to rely on your menstruation cycle to prevent pregnancy. Considering all women ovulate at different times throughout the course of a one month period, you can’t count on having your period to protect you, so always use some form of contraception to avoid any conception from these misconceptions!


Birth Control Causes Cancer

Within today’s media there are many publications that advocate against birth control stating that its side effects are just too risky. But in reality that’s all they really are: side effects. And side effects will come as a result of taking any prescription medicine, contraceptive related or not. Plus it has been proven that there is absolutely no correlation between taking the pill and any sort of cancerous tumors or lesions in the body. So anyone who tells you otherwise must be living their sex life according to a false contraception misconception!


Orgasms Are Directly Related to Pregnancy

Another contraception misconception! I’ve had friends try to explain to me that when they have more orgasms during sex they are convinced there is no way that they can become pregnant, while others state fervently to me that if they don’t orgasm there is no way they can become pregnant as well. These are complete contraception misconceptions! You are just as likely to become pregnant when having unprotected sex whether you orgasm 4 times or not at all.


Douching, Showering or Bathing after Sex Can Prevent Pregnancy

Another old wives' tale; I once had an older women tell me if I douche with vinegar or Coca-Cola after sex I will not only tighten my vagina but prevent pregnancy completely for the next few times I have sex. This is a contraception misconception, for sure! For one thing there is no way that anyone can douche fast enough after having sex to prevent active sperm from fertilizing an egg.


Being under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol Can Prevent Pregnancy

Teenagers these days often pass made-up information among each other without ever seeking the truth from reliable sources when it comes to sex education. This one is such a contraception misconception I nearly burst out laughing when I first heard a young girl try to explain it to me. If anything, when you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, you lose your inhibitions and participate in things you normally would not if you were sober. So you probably won’t remember to tell your partner to pull out, or object to him finishing inside you. Either way, being under the influence does not prevent pregnancy by any means.

These contraception misconceptions are important to be aware of and completely avoid. We can never be too careful in today’s world and it’s important to educate our young people so that they know the weight of their decisions and actions. Can you think of any misconceptions that you heard in your neighborhood growing up? Have you ever gotten pregnant or heard of someone getting pregnant while foolishly trying to use these techniques? Don’t let your conscience succumb to these contraception misconceptions!

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Speaking of news you can use! These myths have persisted for AGES, and still girls, and boys, believe them! Share this post with every adolescent you know, Sex Ed 101... The fact that all of these are still around should scare adults into have that talk about sex that most parents dread. Some advice to recalcitrant parents: print out this list, and start here with your sons and daughters before dive into the pool and get soaked! Thanks for posting this very vital info, especially now with all the controversy over Plan B. Call this Plan A, you won't need Plan B

Wowee now i can see why i was so worried the first time.. It sounds like a good idea pulling out but pre-ejaculate? If thats what i was freaking out about, i can see why now!!

Women can't get pregnant on their period. There's only a 2-5 day window of ovulation to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is probably the most difficult thing a woman can do when she's realizing that she's doing it. That is biology, not sex-Ed class.

If you're allergic to condoms and you're scared to get on birth control and want to do the pull out method but scared about pre-ejaculation make sure that he did not masturbate or any of that first if he didn't great! If he did take precautions make him go to the bathroom to clean out his system. If you're safe the pull-out method does work

So I hate to throw shade...the pullout method does work. I'm pregnant (first time mom) and when I was planning I went to OB worried me and the bf would maybe have fertility issues because we had done pull out for 5 years and never for pregnant/had a scare. OB told me, if done correctly, pullout can be almost as effective as a condom. Sure enough, first time we tried and didn't pullout I got preggers. I'm not saying its for everyone and the warning about STD's is right on. Just my two cents.

Some drugs actually do kill the sperm and you won't get pregnant but if he stops with the drug then your chances of getting pregnant increase

I have been using the pull out method with my hubby since we got married in 2009 and still using, we have a 21months baby now. So it's very possible to use the natural method as it is called and not get pregnant, plus like meganolia said, contraceptives are linked to many health problems, I have friends and relatives who have suffered a whole deal due to contraceptives.take care of your bodies ladies

I remember my first trip to the OB/GYN with my mother when I was 16. The doctor wanted to put me on birth control pills and I was freaking out because my mother was old school Catholic. I just knew this wasn't going to end well for anyone involved. The doctor stepped out for a moment and my mother turned to me and said, "there's just one thing you really need to know about those pills, miss one, you're an idiot, miss two, you're a mommy. Don't be a mommy right now, and better yet don't be an idiot."

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid to call it by it's correct name is a clear fluid that appears on the tip of the penis when a man has an erection and is sufficiently sexually excited. It is a common misconception that this fluid is semen that has leaked out before the main ejaculation. This is incorrect because this fluid is produced by something called the Cowper gland and it's purpose is to flush out the penis before ejaculation.

I definitely heard these so called "facts" when I was a teen. I knew better but not everyone has learned that all of these ideas around sex are wrong! There is never such thing as safe sex- or a 100% guarantee that you won't end up pregnant while using contraception but I believe there is such a thing called safer sex! Do some research on contraceptives and use them to prevent pregnancy and lower your risk of STIs

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