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7 Common Side Effects of Using Birth Control ...

By Mishka

I always say that women have it really hard in life. It’s difficult for us to achieve a half way decent orgasm, we aren’t free of the guilt of possible pregnancies, and when we do take to birth control, it comes with its ‘unfair’ share of problems. Why o why? Anyway, no point in musing over stuff we have no control over. There are consequences to taking birth controls – no changing that for sure! Some are mildly annoying while others can keep you from carrying out your day to day routine. Here’s taking a look at the 7 common side effects of using birth control and some tips on how to handle them best.

1 Nausea

Nausea is one of the most common side effects of using birth control. For most, it tends to disappear in a few months. If it persists, try having your pill with food. For those using the patch or the ring, looking for an alternate birth control option is advisable.

2 Decreased Libido

Fabulous! Just the thing you need when you are trying to enjoy a worry-free sex life – poor sex drive! However, doctors believe that switching to a contraceptive that is androgenic in nature may just bring your libido back.

3 Breast Tenderness, Headache, & Dizziness

These too rank high on the list of common side effects of using birth control. However, they are also among the easiest to tackle because they dissipate after a short while. Happily enough for you, these are the least persistent symptoms of all.

4 Mood Swings

Birth control pills are high on hormones and they work in all kinds of mysterious ways inside your body. It’s bound to cause mood swings and slight changes in behavior. You can try switching pills but doctors don’t believe it will help you much. After all, most pills are hormone based anyway. However, taking prescribed anti-depressants seem to help a lot of people. For a more long term solution, you may want to consider non-hormonal contraceptives.

5 Weight Gain

Yeah, right, like we didn’t have enough problems already! Studies indicate that using oral contraceptives can cause an average weight gain of 3 kg in a year. Although it’s not that drastic a weight gain to get all frazzled about, there are some of us out there who are better off without extra weight, even if it’s only 3 kilos. When it comes to a proper solution to tackle this problem, doctors are pretty much at a loss since changing pills does nothing to prevent weight gain. That’s the reason why many medical experts suggest switching to contraceptives that are non-hormonal in nature.

6 Fluid Retention

Bloating caused by fluid retention is one of the more common side effects of using birth control. The high amount of estrogen in the pills causes the body to retain fluids. The immediate solution lies in changing to a pill that doesn’t have a high concentration of estrogen.

7 Breakthrough Bleeding

This is perhaps the most frustrating side effects of using birth control. It’s highly unpredictable in nature and, understandably, can cause a lot of problems. Taking your pill at exactly the same time of the day every single day can stem breakthrough bleeding. It would also be advisable to consult your doctor. He might prescribe an anti-inflammatory or a little estrogen for occasional use.

So, there you have it – the seven common side effects of using birth control. They may be unwelcome but not totally unmanageable. However, every once in a while, things may get out of hand. In extreme cases, some women may experience swelling in the legs and arms, cramps in the abdomen, eye problems, extreme headaches, and chest pains. If you do, consult your doctor immediately. These are uncommon side effects and indicative of a more serious underlying condition. Don’t ignore them for too long. What side effects have you experienced and how have you tackled them?

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