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9 Super Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight ...

By Vanessa

I've always heard that losing weight is 10% exercise and 90% eating right. If that's the case, these super foods are a must-have:

1 Kalelettes

food,dish,vegetable,produce,salad,Love Kale? Love Brussels sprouts? Good, you'll love Kalelettes! It's a cross between the two and they're tender, sweet, and high in vitamins C and K. Kalelettes are the perfect low-cal addition to your salad!

2 Black Sapote

plant,produce,food,2sA,Blake Sapote is also known as the “chocolate pudding fruit," which is pretty cool. It's high in potassium and vitamins A and C! You can find in speciality food stores or ordered online.

3 Sweet Potato

food,dish,produce,breakfast,vegetable,If you want to shed some pounds, sweet potatoes should be your BFF! It's full of nutrition and taste. The root veggie is loaded with vitamins A and C and fiber.

4 Brussel Sprouts

food,green,produce,vegetable,plant,Brussel Sprouts are full of vitamin K, which is associated with promoting stronger bones and less abdominal fat. They're naturally low in calories, fat, and sodium.

5 Pumpkin

food,dish,pumpkin pie,dessert,pie,Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A, C, and K! Just one cup has 7 grams of fiber and is great for flavor and antioxidants.

6 Cinnamon

food,produce,hand,snack food,flavor,Cinnamon helps control blood sugar and can suppress appetite. A daily teaspoon (sprinkle the spice on oatmeal or yogurt) will do the trick!

7 Mushrooms

food,dish,produce,mushroom,meat,All varieties of mushrooms are low-cal (yay!) and are high in vitamin D, which promotes weight loss and can have mood-boosting effects!

8 Figs

food,fruit,plant,produce,still life photography,Figs are high in fiber and vitamin B6 and potassium!

9 Rainbow Chard

food,vegetable,produce,chard,leaf vegetable,Rainbow chard is awesome because 1. it's pretty to look at and 2. it's very nutritious! It's rich in vitamins K, C, and A, and has only 35 calories per cup.

Are you a fan of any of these super foods?

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