8 Super Tips for Healthy Feet ...


8 Super Tips for Healthy Feet ...
8 Super Tips for Healthy Feet ...

We all need tips for healthy feet! Why? Because they are, generally, the most neglected part of our body. Tips for healthy feet are important to giving our tootsies the attention they deserve. We stuff our feet into pointy shoes that squash our toes, ballet flats that don’t support our arches and put undue pressure on our heels and ankles, we make them hole up for hours in smelly, sweaty sneakers and as for ridiculous 6 inch heels – well let’s not even go there! If you do any of these, you are definitely in need of tips for healthy feet, so read on.

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Don’t Forget about Them

It’s easy to forget about the condition of our feet when we often focus on other areas of our body first. It’s usually only when it comes to getting our flip-flops out that we realize just how much we have neglected our feet over the cold months. However, it’s never too late to learn to love your feet and pay them as much attention as you do to the rest of your body. By giving your feet some regular TLC you will find that it is one of the best tips for keeping feet healthy.


Have a Pedicure

One of the key tips for healthy feet is to have a regular pedicure. A pedicure is a treatment that can be carried out either at home or by a beauty therapist. It involves a process of cleaning, scrubbing the dead skin cells away and in turn softening the skin, hard skin removal – if needed, and then massage some moisturizing foot lotion in. Peppermint foot lotion is a proven favorite as it is renowned for its cooling and refreshing properties. This treatment is easy enough to do at home on a regular basis and is a great way to keep feet in good condition.


Take Your Shoes off

One of the great ways to look after your feet is to walk around the house barefoot. It’s great for your feet to experience the feeling of walking on the ground and to come into contact with the temperature and sensations that enable us to be able to explore the space which we are in.


Wake Your Toes up

It’s no wonder that our toes suffer from being stuck in the same position all day, when the majority of the day we have shoes on. To help maintain healthy feet it’s a good idea to try to wiggle your toes as often as possible. Try vigorously pulling on each toe to allow the tiny joints to gain movement and release any tension from the area. If you’re nose is feeling a bit blocked up then try pulling your toes, as they are linked to your sinuses and may bring you some relief.


Have a Massage

A great way to de-stress from a hectic day is a foot massage - one of the best tips for healthy feet. To prepare them for a massage, soak them first in some nice warm water with a few drops of oil to soften the skin. Then use either an essential oil or moisturizing lotion to massage away the stress and tension of the day.


Know Your Shoe Size

It is a common mistake that many of us often make and that is buying shoes that are the wrong size for us. Often it is tempting to pick the glamorous or trendy shoes, rather than the plain looking sensible shoes. I’m sure at some point we’ve all had our heart set on the perfect pair of shoes and that it didn’t really matter that they didn’t fit us correctly, let alone offer any comfort for our feet. We fall into this category all too often and it’s our poor feet that suffer the consequences. To be able to care for your feet, you need to provide them with the best possible support and comfort, especially if you’re wearing shoes a long period of time. Wearing the correct size and style can really help to keep feet healthy and in a good condition.


Try Reflexology

Reflexology is a very beneficial homeopathic treatment that not only keeps your feet healthy; it’s a great experience for your whole body. You can either carry out this treatment yourself or, if you fancy treating yourself, then why not indulge in some me time and visit a local reflexologist. You may even find that home visits are an option, so you can relax in the comfort of your own home whilst enjoying all the benefits that reflexology has to offer. If you opt to try it yourself it’s worth getting a reflexology chart to refer to, to make sure you’re doing it accurately and to achieve the best results in one of the key ways to keep your feet healthy.


Put Your Feet up

After a long day, especially if you’ve done a lot of walking or your job involves standing for long periods of time your legs and feet can feel achy, sore and tender. A great way to relieve this pressure is to keep your feet up. You can do this by both sitting down and resting your legs on a footstool or pouffe that is slightly higher than the level you’re sat at. Alternatively, you could try lying down on the sofa and resting your feet on the arm. By raising your feet up you are allowing the excess fluid to drain away from that area. This technique is not only a good way to relax from your busy day but is also proven advice for healthy feet.

So now you know the best tips for healthy feet, you have no reason to neglect them. Do you pay enough attention to your feet?

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