7 Telling Signs You Are Exercising Too Much ...


7 Telling Signs You Are Exercising Too Much ...
7 Telling Signs You Are Exercising Too Much ...

Normally we look for motivation to work out more often, but did you know that there are actually signs you are exercising too much? Yes ladies, as beneficial as exercise is for us, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Exercising too much or over training can lead to a variety of changes in your mind and body and it’s unhealthy. Read on for seven telling signs you are exercising too much to avoid overworking yourself.

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One of the key signs you are exercising too much is when you experience exhaustion after working out. Normally we feel awesome after our workout, we’re hot and tired but we feel strengthened and energized. If you notice that you’re starting to feel frequently fatigued and having pain in your muscles and joints, it could be time to taper your workout and give your body a break.


Mood Changes

Another sure thing that I can count on after working out is that it’ll help clear my mind and get me in a good mood. When you over train, you can experience irritability, moodiness, anxiety, anger or just “feeling blue.” Your body releases stress hormones when your body is physically overstressed from working out too hard and too often.



Another revealing sign you’re working out too much is that you experience insomnia. Overworking your body can lead to restlessness, disrupted sleep and trouble falling asleep. Sure, there could be other reasons you could be experiencing insomnia, but if it’s paired with some of the other signs on this list, it could be from your workout regimen.


Weak Immune System

If you find that it takes you a long time to get over a cold or you get sick easily, it could be from working out too much. When you continually overwork your body from vigorous workouts, it can lead to a weakened immune system, inflammation or an injury. Be sure to give your body enough rest after your workouts so you don’t overwork your body and risk illness or injury.


Decreased Performance

A common sign you’re working out too much and one of the first signs you might see from over training is decreased performance. Maybe you used to run a certain distance or lift a certain amount of weights before, but you’re having trouble reaching that point now. Make sure you’re measuring your performance based on the norm and if you’re experiencing difficulties, give your body time to rest


Disinterest in Exercise

Do you feel like you’re getting mentally burnt out from working out? Did you previously look forward to exercising and now it seems like a chore or you just don’t see the point in doing it anymore? If you find that you used to be competitive and motivated but you no longer find enjoyment in working out, you might be working out too much.


Increased Heart Rate

Another frequently seen sign you’re working out too much is when your resting heart rate is elevated. Working out too hard and too often stresses your heart so that it has to work harder. That makes your resting heart rate regularly elevated, just like when you’re under stress from life. Test your resting heart rate on your wrist or neck and count the number of beats per second. According to the Mayo Clinic, a normal resting heart rate is anywhere from 60-100. If it’s elevated, be sure to give your body time to rest.

There are many signs you are exercising too much and it can be dangerous if you don’t catch the signs of over training early. Always give yourself enough time to recover, taper down your workouts if necessary, eat right and stay hydrated. Have you ever experienced any of these signs of over training?

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I don't have any of these problems. Hmmm... ;p

So if you are over exercising, should you just stop for a little while? Or keep going just less often?

Insomnia and Weak Immune System hit me pretty hard

I fainted in a Zumba class in January. At this point I had been working out twice a day 6 days a week. My face required 7 stitches (forehead) and 3 to upper lip. Lesson learned. Slow the hell down.

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