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The Busy Girl's Guide to Starting Yoga ...

By Lyndsie

Hands up if you've been saying you wanted to start doing yoga for longer than you can count. Lack of time, too many commitments, fear of making a complete fool of yourself, fear that you're as flexible as a two-by-four, laziness – all kinds of excuses and worries factor in, but you can win the struggle. We'll do it together, because my hand would be in the air if I wasn't typing. You just need a few yoga hacks and you'll be practicing your Downward Dog even if you only have five minutes to spare every day.

1 Locale Doesn't Matter

Locale Doesn't MatterSome days you don't even have time to match your socks, so how can you get to the gym? You've got work, school, errands, chores, relationships, housework, cooking, kids, pets ... When your responsibilities eat up your time, it's easy to put off your desire to try yoga by saying that you don't have the time to take a class. The truth is that you don't need to go to the gym or a yoga studio, even if you're a beginner. You just need YouTube or a great DVD!

2 Sacrifice Unhealthy Habits

Sacrifice Unhealthy HabitsWe all have less than healthy habits that take up our time. If you come home from work and plop down in front of the TV, eat out of boredom, or frequently go out to happy hour, you can sacrifice those habits. Try a few yoga poses while you're watching Celebrity Apprentice. When you feel like snacking, pull out your yoga mat. Tell your friends you need to cut happy hour a little short, or skip a few days a week in favor of a yoga session.

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3 Forget the Gear

Forget the GearGetting started is the hardest part of most new adventures. When you think about starting a yoga routine, you probably start considering all the stuff you have to buy, right? Mats, yoga pants, workout tops, water bottles … you're too busy to find all that stuff, maybe even too strapped for cash. I've got good news and bad news! The bad news is that you can't use this as an excuse anymore. The good news is that it's because you don't need a bunch of special equipment. Make sure you've got comfy clothes and something soft and clean to place on the floor. That's it!

4 Get Your Yoga Fix Delivered

Get Your Yoga Fix DeliveredIf you lack the time or the energy to get started with yoga, why not have it delivered right to your door? BuddhiBox has been my saving grace. In a world of subscription boxes that deliver food, fashion, and cosmetics, finding one that delivers health, wellness, and peace is pretty special. Receiving mats, workout gear, teas, and even natural beauty items will give you the inspo you need to get off your butt and into your first pose. This is perfect if your motivation tends to flag, because you'll get a push and some awesome goodies every month! It's good karma, too, because every box gives back to a variety of fantastic charities!

5 Change Your Routine

Change Your RoutineIn addition to giving up some of your vices, you can also change your routine. Go to bed an hour earlier and use that time to try yoga before bed. You could also really go to bed, then get up earlier in the morning. You'll still be well rested, but you'll have a quiet, peaceful hour all to yourself to get in some yoga before you start your day.

6 Find a Buddy

Find a BuddyEven when you're short on time, motivation can get you going. Finding a yoga buddy may give you the push you need to find time for some poses a few days a week. Alternately, if you frequently hang out with a friend who either practices yoga already or wants to learn, you can kill two birds with one stone simply by hanging out together while you practice AcroYoga!

7 Prioritize Yourself

Prioritize YourselfSometimes you just have to be selfish. If you can't find time for yourself, just take it. You can make it work if what you're doing is important to you – and isn't your health the most important thing?

These excuses just won't cut it anymore. We should seriously do this together! Grab a friend, get a BuddhiBox, give the gym a pass if you have to. Wherever and whenever you can, start posing. You're never too busy to take care of yourself. How many busy girls out there are ready to ditch the excuses?

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