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The Power of Rest ...

By Claudia

It’s amazing how doing nothing and relaxing may benefit you in so many ways that most of us definitely underestimate. People may believe that the more you do, the better you get, and while that can be true to a certain extent, it really loses its value when it’s taken to the extreme. The key is finding a balance that works for your body to maximise all the efforts you’re putting in to that one activity.

1 Muscle Recovery

People say that most of your training happens during your rest. It’s important to understand that a high intensity workout will give the most benefit if you leave your muscles the time to actually process the work that has been done. Of course, according to your level and to your goal, there’s an accommodation to make but it’s so important to keep this in mind, and by doing so you force yourself to listen to your body, instead of rushing into a new activity and inevitably finding yourself exhausted because you took it too hard.


So this targets people who work a lot and find themselves occupied the biggest part of the day. Give yourself and your brain, and your body in general the time to think about nothing, it’s so peaceful. Meditate and relax, it’s like a refreshing start. If you don’t, fatigue will soon catch up. Again, we’re trying to find the good balance for it to work on the long term. It’s healthy to take time to breathe, it lowers the stress and let’s you wander into different thoughts and your brain to concentrate on different things.

3 Sleep

The time you sleep is when your brain probably works the most, and your muscles too (and of course all the other parts and systems of your body). It’s the time when everything’s being processed ... the information, the activity. It’s a big job, so you deserve to get enough of it. Feeling refreshed in the morning is the best feeling, it let’s you be more alert naturally.

4 Digesting

Some people may disagree, but I find it ridiculous to eat more than three meals a day. Whenever we eat something, we need to give it time to actually digest. Some carbs like lentils for example actually take 18 hours to be fully digested, so by the time you digest your breakfast you would’ve already had at least two or three meals. By eating so often you don’t actually let your body have time to digest, recover, rest, it’s always working and that’s not what’s best. I would opt for fasting, it’s very beneficial.

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