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The Wellness Benefits of Campfires for Girls Having Bonfires This Fall ...

By Mary

The wellness benefits of a campfire can't be disputed. I didn’t understand the awesomeness of campfires until I was well into my twenties. The first campfire that I ever built was perfect and I was super proud of myself!

The first campfire with my husband was exceptionally memorable. We arrived very late at the campground, and, needless to say, functioning in the misty dark in bear country is very different from the normal, everyday functioning that we’re used to.

Over the years, I’ve developed somewhat of an attachment to campfires and find myself needing one when it’s been too long. Mother Natures drug, am I right?

Why the attachment? The addiction? Here are the wellness benefits of a campfire that will have you craving one too.

1 Campfires Affect All Our Senses

One of the best wellness benefits of a campfire are the tactile experiences. You can feel the heat, watch the dancing flames, smell the wood burning and hear it crackling while you taste its smoke. A fire on the beach is an incredible sensory experience! It’s subconsciously all encompassing and that almost forces you to want to stay and be mesmerized.

2 Campfires Are Sort of like Us - All Different

They differ in size, in duration, in how slow or fast the wood burns, the strength of the wind, and the moisture in the air. You may be alone for one, and surrounded by family the next, creating different colorful memories, like another time when we arrived late and there was no firewood available. We burned our tiki torches (I do not advise) and things we were able to find in the truck (Dunkin Donuts bags for example). Eric went off to find more. I was hastily trying to cook burgers (our dinner) when I heard gunshots. I began to worry that he’d been shot - miles off the main road in a Vermont state park in bear country with no reception, after we’d both been drinking a tad on our honeymoon. He returned intact, telling me that rangers were shooting to scare a bear out of the campground! Surely, unforgettable.

3 Let’s Not Forget That Campfire Food Tastes Fabulous!

You can’t recreate it on a propane grill or stovetop, and the flavor and taste is unique to itself. I find even simple things like hot dogs or scrambled eggs, are better in cast iron over an open flame. When I first cooked on a campfire, I wondered why I’d never done this before!

4 Should There Ever Be a Zombie Apocalypse, or You Get Lost in the Mountains and There is No Electricity, Running Water, Restaurants or’ll Want to Know How to Build a Fire

I mean come on, this is entirely enough of a reason in itself!

5 There Doesn’t HAVE to Be a Reason to Have One

Campfires just FEEL right! They are warm and snuggly and there is nothing like beers around the fire with friends, or family or your partner. It’s one of those things that, in a world so consumed with technology and hybrid cars, politics and bills, tugs us just a bit back to nature and helps the stress quiet down for a minute.

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