7 Things You Can Start Doing Now to Age Gracefully the Rest of Your Life ...

Nearing 30 this year, I’ve decided that instead of being so worried about my jean size like I was in my early 20s, I’m now more concerned with how I can age gracefully for years to come. Aging gracefully isn’t just about your looks, though that is part of it. Aging gracefully is about enjoying the rest of your life, managing your stress and allowing your physical appearance to reflect that. Aging gracefully to me is all about showing our happiness through our looks. It should be genuine, apparent to others, and become natural to our everyday routine. If you’re looking to learn how to age gracefully, try some of my simple tips, which are really easy, yet proven to help you age gracefully and be happy in the process.

1. Eat Smart

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Eating smart is no longer about counting calories if you’re looking to age gracefully. Eating smart is about eating the right foods, which are cleaner for your body and the planet, about eating enough calories to maintain your energy and a good mood, and eating foods that improve your metabolism, heart health and manage stress. These foods include leafy greens, veggies, raw sources of plant protein, lean sources of protein, healthy plant fats, low glycemic fruits, and root vegetables. Don’t count calories, but count quality! Your skin, hair, nails, body weight and mood will thank you every single day of your life.

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