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There are so many things you should know before going vegan that can help you prepare for this major lifestyle change. This diet, once only reserved for hippies and animal activists alike, is now adopted by many for health reasons. And by health I am referring to the fact that vegans have a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. Because of the increase in fiber, vitamins and nutrients, when done right you can better your health and lower your body fat as a vegan! Veganism is a different approach to life, which just may re-ignite your taste buds. But don’t throw out your eggs, cheese and meat just yet. Read about the things you should know before going vegan.

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You May Get Criticism from the Public

There are some things you should know before you go vegan. People have strong opinions when it comes to their beliefs on food, some feel stronger about this than discussing politics or religion. So when people get wind of your decision to become vegan, you may have quite a bit of criticism, especially from the meat eaters. If this happens, just take a deep breath and feel free to explain how you will get enough protein into your diet, or take another approach and bypass the question. Criticism is something you may get plenty of and these are the things you should know before going vegan.


You Will Need to Take a B12 Supplement

Since Vitamin B12 is only in animal foods you will want to either take a Vitamin B12 supplement or start adding nutritional yeast to your meals. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause you to run out of energy and feel a large deficiency. So be proactive and supplement for your health!


You Need to Eat Protein

You will need to eat protein, since this is the building block of your cells, critical to healing and cell growth. So find new protein sources. Gone are the days of meat and eggs; say hello to beans and tofu, your new healthy partners for your vegan lifestyle.


Just Because It is Vegan Doesn’t Mean It is Healthy

Not all vegans are created equal. Some vegans swap their meat and eggs for processed foods. Get knowledge on what you are eating and try to create as many meals from scratch as possible. If you create your meal you will know exactly what it is made up of and as a result you will make better choices.


It Doesn’t Have to Cost More but It May

Meat is by far one of the most expensive food groups, racking in at three to six dollars a pound, so you will save money not buying this. And beans are one of the most inexpensive sources of protein. Once you go vegan you will be buying all organic produce, which can cost a pretty penny, but think of all the health benefits that will help you to secure a healthy future. Never sacrifice a dollar when it comes to your health.


You May Learn to Love Beans

I for one have never been a huge fan of beans, but I have grown to love them when they're prepared the right way. So season it up or put your beans in a soup and discover the many great ways to transform this lean protein source into your favorite food!


You May Have More Energy

Since most vegans eat easily digested food such as plant sources, beans and tofu, they may notice a boost of energy. This is because they will no longer feel bogged down from meats. So do not be surprised if you feel a spring in your step after a few weeks of being vegan!

So with all these things you have learned about being a vegan, are you still ready to make this change? If so, get ready for a major change in your life that takes discipline, dedication and desire. My husband took this plunge, I am making little changes each day in this direction!

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If you do eat a lot of tofu do your best to buy NON-GMO and organic. Look for the non-GMO labels. Same goes for all other foods but tofu is one of the highest GMO foods. It's healthy and yummy and Yates practice to make it yummy and with so many varieties of textures.

Incorrect!!!! Beans are the HARDEST to digest! Fact!!!!

There are many, grains that are high in protein that can be eaten sprouted and raw or sprouted or un-sprouted cooked. Sprouted is the highest in protein AND easier to digest.

You don't HAVE to take b-12 vitamins when you're a vegan. There are plenty of vegans who don't and are not deficient!

Nice article Tara. Great tips Sabrina.

Good points

Greens are the best proteins. Not tofu and beans. Sprouts are supper food and full of amino acids.

Amaranth, Teff, Quinoa and Millet are amazing high protein grains that can be eaten cooked as sprouts or as is. Or can be eaten raw sprouted.

People forget that protein IS AMINO ACIDS. Which are found in high amounts in sprouts of all kinds. You can find dried/dehydrated sprouted for cooking or raw for salads and cereals, soups etc. Also amino acids are found in greens. The greener the better for the most part. Such as leafy green or red lettuce, kale, collard greens, spinach, seaweed and much much more. There are many strong healthy large animals that are vegan.

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