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Every Woman Should Be Aware of These Heart Attack Symptoms ...

By Eliza

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America, which makes it vital for you to know the symptoms of a heart attack. While you can have heart disease and never have an actual heart attack, it definitely raises your risk pretty high. It’s important to see your doctor regularly for a heart check, especially if you have a family history of heart issues. However, the symptoms of a heart attack in women vary from the classic symptoms you might be familiar with, though they may be present as well. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

1 Chest Symptoms

You probably know that one of the most alarming symptoms of a heart attack is chest pain. In women, that can be present, but in many cases, women notice pressure, a feeling of fullness or even just discomfort. While these symptoms can indicate other health issues, you should always be checked out in the ER right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

2 Pain

Besides having pain in your chest, you may experience it elsewhere. It’s important to know this because you might feel pain somewhere that isn’t your chest and assume it’s an injury or some other issue. For women, a heart attack can cause pain in your arm, your back, your jaw, your neck and even your stomach. If you notice this type of pain mixed with other heart attack symptoms, get medical attention right away.


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3 Nausea

Nausea is a symptom that accompanies many health issues. You might feel like you are going to throw up and it would never cross your mind that you might be having a heart attack. While a bout of nausea doesn’t mean you should run to the ER, you might want to give your doctor a call and describe exactly how you’re feeling. Nausea often appears in a heart attack along with other symptoms.

4 Sweating

I hate breaking out in a sweat, especially if I’m not working out. It turns out that a heart attack may cause you to feel clammy and sweaty. If that’s the case, pay very close attention to your symptoms so you’ll know if a trip to the hospital is necessary. If you are ever in doubt, it’s better to just go rather than risk it.

5 Trouble Breathing

If you’re having heart problems, you might experience trouble with normal breathing. When you are having a heart attack, you might notice that you are having trouble catching your breath and may feel out of breath even without exerting yourself. This is always a symptom that should spur you straight to the ER.

6 Dizziness

Feeling dizzy is never a pleasant sensation, but it can indicate a heart attack so don’t be tempted to just write it off and wait for it to pass. Unexplained dizziness is always something you should run by your doctor, even if it’s just to give him call.

7 Anxiety

Many women who are having a heart attack report feelings of doom or anxiety. Granted, many people have raced to the ER sure they are having a heart attack only to find out they are having a panic attack. However, if you just don’t feel right or you don’t have a history of anxiety or panic, it pays to get yourself checked out just in case.

What do you know about your risk of a heart attack? Heart disease comes at me from both sides of my family, so I try to take good care of my heart all the time. Did you learn anything new from this article?

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