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7 Things Your Fingernails Are Telling You about Your Health ...

By Alicia

Your fingernails can tell you a lot about your health. Many of the signs are small but they can be significant. Many nail oddities are just that; however, they can mean something more. It’s always a good idea to mention anything different that you’ve noticed about your nails to your doctor.

1 Nail Splitting Can Mean You’re Lacking Vitamin a, Vitamin C or Biotin

Nail splitting can occur for different reasons. It could be that you’re lacking in vitamins. The vitamins you most often need if your nails are splitting are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Biotin. Biotin is a great nail strengthener. Nail splitting can also happen because you’ve kept your nails painted so often. It’s your nail’s way of telling you that they need a break from the manicures.

2 Discoloration under a Nail Could Be a Mole That Needs to Be Looked at by Dermatologist

Have you noticed a discoloration under a nail? It may be a mole. Moles under fingernails should always be looked at by a doctor. It’s an unusual place to have a mole appear. It’s possible it could be dangerous which is why it’s good to have your dermatologist examine it.

3 Spoon-shaped Nails Could Mean Your Blood is Low in Iron

If you’ve noticed that your nails have become spoon-shaped then it could be that your iron is low. Your doctor can quickly determine this with a simple blood test. There are iron supplements you can take as well as eating more foods that’re rich in iron. Red meat, spinach and many breakfast cereals are good sources of iron. It’s a health issue that’s generally easy to correct.

4 White Streaks and Spots Could Mean Kidney Problems

If you’re noticing that you have white streaks or places appearing on your nails then it could be a sign you’ve got kidney problems. It could also be nothing more than you’ve banged it up against something. I’ve had marks on my fingernails from hitting them against things before. If it’s a random spot then it’s probably nothing to worry over. But if you’ve got multiple white streaks, then it may be time to make a doctor’s appointment.

5 Yellowed Fingernails Could Be from a Variety of Causes

Yellowed nails can occur from several different things. The most common cause of them is painting your nails too often. After a time of wearing nail polish constantly the chemicals begin to yellow your nails. To prevent this, give your nails a week off in between manicures. Smoking can also cause yellow nails. And lastly, some skin conditions show up by yellowing nails.

6 Vertical Ridges Could Mean You Have Underlying Thyroid Issues or Are Diabetic

Don’t panic if you’ve noticed some vertical ridges in your nails. It can simply be a part of aging. But there’re times that it does mean something more. If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor about it. You should especially do this if you’ve got other symptoms of thyroid problems or diabetes.

7 White Nails Could Signify Liver Problems

If your nails look completely white or very, very pale then you should bring it to your doctor’s attention. White nails are a fairly strong sign that there may be some issues going on with your liver. This isn’t something that you have to look deeply for. It’ll show up quite visibly. It’s always best not to panic in any of these instances since these’re only symptoms and not a definite diagnosis.

Your nails can give you clues about your health. Have you ever had a health issue show up in your nails? You’re always welcome to share your experiences.

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