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This is How over-working Kills Your Beauty and Health ...

By Alison

Are you prone to working too hard? If you're taking work home or doing long hours in the office, something's got to give - and that will be your health and looks. It's absolutely vital to take time off work and relax. If you don't, your health will suffer. These are the consequences of constantly overworking

1 Lack of Sleep

If you work too hard, you're likely to lose out on sleep. The body needs enough rest to repair itself and to prepare for the following day. So if you don't get enough sleep, not only will you feel tired all day but it will show in your face. You'll have to disguise the shadows under your eyes with makeup, and drink coffee to keep yourself awake, which is not good.

2 Immune System

Your immune system will also be compromised if you're working too hard. This will leave you vulnerable to colds and other infections. If you're picking up every cold going, maybe it's time to start scaling down the overtime and scheduling in some downtime …

3 Poor Diet

We need a good diet to keep us fit and help our bodies run smoothly. But when you're working long hours, your diet is bound to suffer. You'll end up grabbing unhealthy fast food because you're too tired to cook, or even missing meals altogether. Too much of this, and you'll be short on energy.

4 Exercise

Who has time for an exercise program when they're working all the time? Yet we need exercise to keep us healthy. You may end up gaining weight because you're sitting down all the time, and develop problems like repetitive strain injury, neck ache or backache. You'll also be deprived of the benefits of exercise that keep your body working well inside.

5 Your Skin

Overwork will show in your skin. You'll have bags under your eyes because you're not sleeping enough, and the stress of working long hours will make your skin look dull. You could suffer more breakouts, or find that your skin is drier than normal. Your face might look puffy and blotchy from poor nutrition.

6 Fatigue

Constant working will make you fatigued. The more you work, the less energy you'll have. As well as the lack of sleep, if you fail to take proper breaks during the day you'll wear yourself out. If you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen you'll get eye strain as well. It's essential to take regular breaks from the screen so that your eyes can rest.

7 Mental Health

It's not just your physical health and looks that suffer from overwork; your mental health pays the price as well. You'll become stressed, easily anxious and short-tempered. Because you're not getting enough time off, you'll get stressed about work and find it even harder to work efficiently. You might even get depressed and feel anxious about being in the workplace.

Many jobs have busy periods when you'll have to put in extra hours, and that won't do you any harm. The problem begins when you're constantly working too hard. People who are self-employed may also feel the pressure to work very long hours. But this can be counter-productive and lead to a decrease in efficiency. Be sure that your health does not suffer from overwork. Do you work for a company that expects too much?

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