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7 ThrowBack Cures You've Got to Try ...

By Eliza

Throwback cures are those that were used prominently in past generations. With all the advances in technology and medical practices these days, it’s no surprise that there are new and different cures for a huge variety of medical issues all the time. However, new evidence shows that these throwback cures have something going for them. Of course, you should always clear them with your doctor, especially if you plan to use them on your children.

1 Ginger

It turns out that ginger is one of the throwback cures that should come back in a big way. It’s proven to ease nausea, making it perfect for pregnancy since it’s natural. It’s also great for nausea that accompanies chemotherapy and car sickness. Ginger tea is an easy way to benefit, but so can candied ginger or ginger cookies. Some stores sell ginger lollipops, which you might also like.

2 Salt Water

When I was a kid, my mom always whipped my up a glass of warm salt water when I complained of a sore throat. I can’t say I liked it all that much, but I do remember it worked. Even if you have to gear yourself up to do it, salt water gargles are a classic cure that can really sooth a sore throat. It works best with warm water because that helps dissolve the salt better. This is also a great cure for soothing canker sores inside your mouth.

3 Honey

My kids were born right around the time when pediatricians stopped recommending cough syrup for little ones. I don’t like to medicate my kids if I don’t have to, which is why honey is my go-to cure for a cough. Sometimes I mix it with warm water and let them drink it, but other times I just let them have a spoonful. You should never give honey to kids under the age of one and should always use caution to prevent choking. Honey also works for adults and I’ve turned to it many times for my own coughs.

4 Prunes

They’re called dried plums now, but whatever you call them, they work wonders for constipation. My poor son was born with major digestive issues and we plied him with prunes from a very young age. Those bags of sweet dried plums are a perfect choice and my son called them his “tummy candy.” I can attest to the drastic benefits that a couple of prunes has on backed up intestines. Give it a try next time you’re having issues and you’ll see what I mean.

5 Excedrin

It’s not natural like the other cures on this list, but Excedrin is an old-timey pain medication that fell out of favor when newer drugs were created. However, it’s a bona fide miracle for people who get migraines and even carries a new name so people know this. I get bad migraines and I can tell you that Excedrin Migraine is one throwback cure I’m so glad is getting a comeback.

6 Ice

It’s awesome when you aren’t feeling your best and you can just head to the freezer and find relief. Ice is great for keeping swelling and pain at bay when you hurt yourself. It’s also great for stopping a nosebleed and relieving headache pain. Use ice wrapped in a cloth to keep it from getting too cold on your skin. Never use ice on a burn – cold water is a much better option.

7 Band-Aids

There was a time when medical experts recommended that people leave their wounds exposed so that the air can help them heal. It turns out that covering injuries is a much better idea because it keeps germs and bacteria out of the wound, which can really help reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, they keep the area moist, which can hasten healing.

I will always go for the natural remedy if I can. How do you feel about these throwback cures? I guess it shows that medicine isn’t always the best option.

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