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Times Every Girl Should Say No to Sex ...

By Neecey

Sex is fantastic. It boosts your wellbeing, it creates bonds and it makes you feel good. But, your vagina is a very delicate part of your body and you need to be mindful of that before you get carried away on waves of lust and passion. There are actually times when having sex is not the best thing you can do health wise:

1 Before a Gyno Appointment

One of the key times you shouldn’t have sex is when you are due to have an appointment at the gynecologist within the next few hours. Of course, having sex with your partner does not negatively affect your health in any way, but the extra friction, bumping and potential semen deposits can mean that the results of any tests you might have when you are the gyno could be inaccurate or even give false positives for issues that you do not even have. For the best results, refrain from love making on the day of your visit!

2 With Stomach Problems

It is very unlikely that you will be in a sexy mood when suffering with stomach problems anyway, but just in case you are considering the possibility, remember that vaginal penetration hits rather close to the rectum which will only serve to worsen and prolong your symptoms.

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3 Right before and after a Wax

I think we all know that it’s not the best idea to have sex immediately after a bikini wax. To be honest you probably won’t even feel particularly amorous after the pain that you have just gone through! But what you might not know is that you should probably try to abstain in the hours before you get your wax too, as the added friction that occurs could lead to increased irritation and the risk of ingrown hairs.

4 After a Dip in the Pool

It isn’t the best idea to jump in to bed right after you have been in a swimming pool or a hot tub. The chlorine content of pools can be very high, and the chemical is very abrasive. Your private parts are very sensitive, and adding more friction and action to these parts right after they have had to combat the harshness of the chlorine has the potential to lead to irritation and unnecessary soreness for you.

5 While Battling an Infection

This one isn’t rocket science, ladies! No matter how much you want your partner right here, right now, if you are taking medication to get over something like a yeast infection, you shouldn’t even be considering having sex until everything has cleared up. Even if there is no danger of transferring the infection to your partner, the physical action of having sex will most likely halt your progress in fighting it. And if the infection is an STI, sex is definitely a no-no.

6 When You’re Unprotected

Unless you are actively trying for a baby, you should never have sex without some form of contraception. Whether it’s condoms, the pill or a combination of both, you can never be ‘too safe’ when it comes to being sexually sensible!

7 Peer Pressure

You should never, ever, have sex with somebody because you feel pressured to, either from the person who wants it or because it seems like all of your friends are doing it and you are not. Sex is not nearly as life changing as the movies make it out to be, so don’t rush in to anything just so that you can say you have reached that milestone. Whether it’s 18 or 28, every age is the ‘right age’ if you feel comfortable. Why is this related to your sexual health – because it can plague and bug you for the rest of your life.

Look after yourself ladies!

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