7 Tips for a Stress-Free Dental Appointment ...

By Alicia

7 Tips for a Stress-Free Dental Appointment ...

Would you love to have a stress-free dental appointment? For many people, going to the dentist is stressful. They feel anxious and afraid. Thankfully, there are several different things you can do to help you have a stress-free dental appointment.

Table of contents:

  1. talk to your dentist
  2. have a positive outlook
  3. plan something nice for later
  4. realize how short the appointment is
  5. bring a friend along
  6. use distraction
  7. think happy thoughts

1 Talk to Your Dentist

One thing you can do to have a stress-free dental appointment is talk to your dentist about how you feel. There are different medications they may be able to give you to help you relax. Even if that isn’t an option, letting them know how you’re feeling is a good idea. They can help you to feel more comfortable by explaining things as they go. They can also try to lighten the mood to help you feel less nervous.

2 Have a Positive Outlook

Imagining a negative outcome at the dentist is going to make anyone feel badly. Try to think positive. Remind yourself that your good dental hygiene can pay off in great dental exams. If it’s an appointment for dental work, remind yourself how well your dentist has always taken care of your teeth and that you can trust them. Having a positive outlook can help you to feel much more at ease.

3 Plan Something Nice for Later

It’s good if you can have something enjoyable to look forward to after your dental appointment. Maybe you can plan lunch with a friend the next day or treat yourself to ice cream on the way home. Having something nice to look forward to can take your mind off your dental appointment. This can help you to feel calmer. Your mind is on something pleasant instead of what’s going on at the dentist.

4 Realize How Short the Appointment is

This is a trick I personally use when I have a dental appointment, or any other appointment that I feel nervous about. I remind myself how short the appointment really is. You can do the same thing. Simply tell yourself that it’ll be over in two hours or that by this time tomorrow it’ll be in the past. Realizing you only have to get through a short time period can help.

5 Bring a Friend along

Sometimes having a friend along is helpful. Just having them to chat with in the waiting room can help calm your nervousness. You get your mind off your appointment while you enjoy laughing and talking together. It’s also good to just know you have support. If you don’t have a friend available, maybe your mom or another family member could go with you. If your friend or family member understands how nervous going to the dentist makes you feel, they’ll probably be more than happy to come.

6 Use Distraction

Distraction can be very helpful. It gets your mind off your appointment and onto something you enjoy. Listen to your favorite music, check in with social media or read a book to get your mind on something else. For me, reading is a great escape. If the book is good, I can totally lose myself in it. Little tricks of distraction can help you get through your appointment.

7 Think Happy Thoughts

This is something you can do while you’re in the chair. Lose yourself in some happy thoughts. What makes you feel relaxed is going to be unique to you. You might think about how much you’re looking forward to your next vacation, the great deals you got when you went shopping or other nice thoughts. Basically, you just shift your thoughts away from being at the dentist.

Does going to the dentist make you feel anxious? How do you deal? I’d love to hear your tips.

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