7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bed ...


7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bed ...
7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bed ...

Do you need some tips for choosing the perfect bed? It's surprising how little thought people often give to picking out a bed, even though they spend a third of their life lying on it. It's really important to pick the right bed, so that you can enjoy quality sleep and keep your back healthy. The wrong bed can tips for choosing the perfect bed

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The first of my tips for choosing the perfect bed is not to skimp on your budget. It really is worth buying the best mattress you can afford. A cheap mattress won't give you the support that you need, and you'll end up replacing it before too long. With a good mattress, you'll get a great night's sleep and feel refreshed in the morning, rather than tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.


Do Your Research

Secondly, do your research before you even look at any models. A mattress isn't something that you should buy on impulse, as it's not very easy to exchange if you're not happy with it. Spend your time looking into the different types and working out what your needs are.



Do you and your partner have different requirements when it comes to mattresses? Perhaps they want a firm mattress, while you prefer a softer one? Partners can often have very different requirements, especially if one of you weighs less than the other. The answer to this is to pick a mattress that has two different halves on the top layer (called zip and link), so that you can customise it to suit your different needs. And go shopping together so that you can both test them out.


Test It out

When you've picked out some models that might suit you, test them out. Lying down for 30 seconds and saying 'this feels comfortable' isn't anywhere near long enough. You should lie down for at least 15 mins. Don't worry about feeling silly, and don't let salespeople pressure you to move. You're spending a lot of money, and need to make the right decision.



Whether your body gets hot at night could also influence which type of mattress you buy. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they adapt to the shape of your body and give even support. However, they tend to be rather warm, so if you already get warm in bed these mattresses may not be the best choice for you.


Past Experience

If you've slept in a guest bed that you loved, ask what type it is. The same goes if you've slept in a really comfortable bed in a hotel - email them and ask about it. They'll probably be able to check where it was purchased and what kind it is.


Back Pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, a firmer mattress is likely to help. However, if it is too firm it may push you out of alignment. You may also find it helpful to choose a larger bed, so that you and your partner have more space. Don't automatically think that an orthopedic mattress will be better for your back - it's just a label that means the mattress is firmer.

So take your time and you'll find the right bed to give you a great night's sleep every night! How much time do you spend asleep?

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Thank you so much for this! We were going to buy a memory foam mattress. I get very warm at night, so glad I read this!!

Perfect!! Was just about to look into it! Thanks..

I have had the same experience with a memory foam mattress that cost us £1,300.00 . Now changing after 3 years to a latex. I hope it is not another case of a fool and his money.

My advise is do not buy a memory foam mattress. You do get incredible hot, you get back ache and the mattress eventually does not spring back over time, leaving an imprint of your body.

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