7 Tips for Clearing Your Head after a Long Day ...

By Heather

7 Tips for Clearing Your Head after a Long Day ...

If worries have you down then you might consider trying out some tips for clearing your head that work wonders for me and hopefully will for you too. These tips can help prevent you from snapping at your dear loved ones when you don’t really mean to, or when you're tempted to drown your stress in a bag of potato chips, bottle of wine, carton of ice cream or worse- all three! There's no need for all that when you know some helpful tips for clearing your head at the end of a long day. With a bit of practice you’ll automatically turn to these healthier outlets and recognize when you need some time to chill.

Table of contents:

  1. yoga
  2. walking
  3. a hot bath in silence
  4. cook
  5. a novel
  6. time with your dog
  7. a nap

1 Yoga

Yoga is by far one of the best tips for clearing your head I can give you. With our country being more stressed than ever, it’s no wonder yoga has become so popular. Yoga causes you to breathe completely differently than all other types of exercise. Breathing is central to maintaining a healthy nervous system function and reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. Yoga also involves many inversions that improve your blood flow to reduce blood pressure and improve mental focus. Even just doing fifteen minutes a day can make a huge difference. Do a DVD, find a video on YouTube, or even attend a class if possible.

2 Walking

Nix the gym, go for a walk, and leave your iPod at home, along with your cell. Walking out in nature is one of the best ways to clear your head and allow your brain time to think. I’ve been doing it for years and can promise you it’s one of the best things you can do to recenter yourself. Go for a 30 minute walk when you get home or later in the evening when you need to chill.

3 A Hot Bath in Silence

There’s a reason this simple indulgence seems like a luxury: it’s calming, healing, and a rarity in most of our days. Instead of hurrying through another shower, take a hot bath instead. No music (unless you have a house full of kids) and no reading. Just lie there for 30 minutes in the hot water, allowing your body to just be. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel later on.

4 Cook

Get in your kitchen, sift through a recipe book, and just pick something that sounds yummy to you. Try to choose something healthy if you can and prepare yourself something special. The silence involved in cooking is truly addicting. It involves nothing more than you, a chef’s knife to chop and dice some ingredients, and the sound of your stove preparing a hot meal. Cooking is a great way to allow yourself time to think and to take care of yourself. Many people also bake for the same reason, which is another great option.

5 A Novel

No self help books here - I’m talking fictional novels. Self help books can actually make you more stressed because they cause you to focus on fixing something about yourself. This isn’t a way to clear your head ladies. Instead, you need to get lost in the story of someone else for a change. It might even give you some perspective on daily stresses and your current situation. Pick a book that sounds inviting and just read. Don’t think about the time or anything else and watch your worries slip away.

6 Time with Your Dog

If you’re a single gal like me without kids, then most likely you have a dog or other pet you love (and if not, then consider getting one.) Pets are one of the best ways to reduce your stress and improve your life. Spend thirty minutes or an hour with your dog, playing or walking them and just enjoy their company. They have an incredible way of bringing solace and healing into your life and best of all - they never argue with you and always greet you with a smile.

7 A Nap

When all else fails, just take a nap. Sometimes you just need to shut your mind off and allow your body time to rest. Even when you have a million things to do, taking a midday nap can reduce your stress and give you a more positive outlook on things.

Remember that all of us have stresses in our life that can take a toll on us when we’re not mindful of them. Be sure you take some time to clear your head each day so you don’t suffer further stress later on. Do you have any tips for clearing your head after a long day?

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