7 Tips for Gaining Weight after an Illness ...


Gaining weight after an illness may not be the easiest thing, but it's nearly always necessary. When we're sick, we don't eat as much as we normally would, and as a consequence drop the pounds. So what can you do if you need to regain those lost pounds? Here are some tips on gaining weight after an illness …

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Healthy Eating Can Wait

When gaining weight after an illness is on the agenda, don't worry about meals being unhealthy. Healthy eating can wait until your weight has returned to normal. Eat everything that you can manage, and use high-calorie alternatives to your usual low-fat snacks. This is not the time to be worrying about how much fat or sugar your food has. Leave that until you're better.


It is important to prioritize regaining weight and strength after an illness, rather than focusing on healthy eating. This may involve incorporating high-calorie foods into your diet, such as full-fat dairy products, nuts, and avocados. It is also recommended to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to help increase calorie intake. Additionally, staying hydrated is crucial for recovery and weight gain. Drinking fluids like milk, smoothies, or fruit juices can also provide extra calories. Once your weight has returned to normal, you can then focus on incorporating more nutritious and balanced meals into your diet. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.


Small Frequent Meals

After illness, your appetite may be smaller than normal, which makes it difficult to take in enough calories. If this is the case, small but frequent meals can be the answer. That way, you're taking in enough calories throughout the day, but not forcing yourself to eat more than your appetite will allow.


Eating smaller, more frequent meals allows your body to receive a steady stream of nutrients without feeling overwhelmed. Plan to have meals every three to four hours, and include a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to promote weight gain and recovery. If the idea of eating a full meal seems daunting, consider nutrient-dense snacks such as nuts, cheese, or smoothies. Even a little nibbling can add up by the end of the day. Remember, it's not about the size of the meal, but rather the consistency and quality of your food intake.



If you can manage three meals a day, do try to snack between meals as well. Try high-calorie snacks such as smoothies, cheese and crackers, or peanut butter on toast. Add as many calories as you can, by putting butter on and spreading the peanut butter thickly. Also try cakes, chocolate and cookies. Don't forget to have a snack before bedtime as well.


Sneak in Added Extras

In the same way that you try to sneak vegetables into your kids' food, add extra calories to your own meals. By adding things like ground nuts or powdered milk to sauces, you'll take in more calories without adding too much bulk to a meal. Smoothies are also a great way of downing a lot of calories in one - try adding foods like ice cream, oats, peanut butter or protein powder.


Cream & Butter

This is not the time to worry about your arteries - you need to get the weight back on and give your body enough calories to recover. So for a while, add cream and butter to everything. Also buy full-fat milk instead of skimmed or semi-skimmed. If you use soya or rice milk, try adding soy cream or powdered soy/rice milk to the liquid.


Drinks with Calories

Normally, water is the healthiest drink. But it isn't going to help you gain weight. So, try drinking alternatives with some calories. Milk is of course a good choice, especially if you add some extra powdered milk to it. If you like juices, grape juice is a good option as it is higher in calories than orange or apple juice. But any juice will give you more calories than water!


Extra Courses

Finally, try adding extra courses to your meal. If you normally only eat cereal for breakfast, add a slice or two of toast as well, spread with jam or peanut butter. Have dessert, even if you normally don't bother. And have a starter for lunch and dinner. Even a small starter will soon add up if you have one twice a day.

When you've been ill and need to put that weight back on, look for every opportunity for adding some extra calories. Hopefully you'll soon be back to normal. Do you have any tips for adding extra calories?

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one of the few upsides of being sick is losing weight! why would I want to gain it back? I want to stay thinner :)

Thanks so much! Great help😀 it's difficult to find tips to pick up weight all I saw was to loose weight😤 I was ecstatic when I seen your article thanks so much💯👍

one of the few upsides of being sick

Thanks I've been waiting on this post forever. I've been trying to get my period back after losing it due to me not eating. Hopefully this will gain all the blah needed for my period to come back

one of the few upsides of being sick is losing weight! why would I want to gain it back? I want to stay thinner :)

This article was not aimed at people who will be fine if they lose a few pounds. But if you're already thin, you can't afford to lose ANY weight. After a serious illness (3 weeks in hospital & major surgery) my weight dropped to below 80 pounds. It was dangerously low. ON MEDICAL ADVICE I ate plenty of full-fat and high calorie foods. It was the only way to get my weight back up.

healthy eating can wait? okay i'll eat junkfood and cakes all day. i'll get my weight back, with cholesterol and diabetes on the side.

finally help for those of us who need to gain people think you are crazy but we are not all fat

"Healthy eating" cannot wait!! Healthy eating should be encouraged, where that includes, for example; fruit, vegetables, nuts, non processed foods (including no white flour or sugar, butter not margarine etc.) What you could perhaps have said was don't worry about sugars and carbohydrates and other so called fattening foods.

healthy eating can wait? your arteries can wait and you can have as much butter and cream as you want?? who said so? please research your facts correctly. people with many different illnesses need to eat properly and eating like this article says we should will only make things worse!

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