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You, my dear, are the 1%. No, not the target of Occupy Wall Street’s frustration and anger — the 1% of women who want to gain weight, rather than lose it. While that number is completely fictional (it’s actually closer to 10%), it sure feels that way, doesn’t it, when the world is full of weight loss tips with nary a single bit of weight gain advice to be found. As an ex-scrawny girl, I can help! Here are 20 tips on how to gain weight fast, and safely!

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Rule One: Eat Healthily!

Rule One: Eat Healthily! How to gain weight fast doesn’t mean to eat everything any anything you want. You still have to consider your heart health, so don’t go for foods loaded with saturated fats and empty calories.


Make Sure There’s No Problem

Make Sure There’s No Problem If you’re losing weight, and you’re not sure why, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor to make sure you don’t have an underlying medical condition, or a prescription drug side effect, in play.


Have a Goal Weight in Mind

Have a Goal Weight in Mind Once you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your doctor to gain a pound or two, figure out a goal weight, and keep that in mind as you proceed with your diet. If you gain weight, then lose a little, then gain a little, it’s hard on your body and can cause all sorts of health problems.


Do the 70/20/10 Diet

Do the 70/20/10 Diet Here’s a formula to try and remember as you plan your daily diet: aim for 70% of your calories to come from lean protein, 20% of your calories to come from carbs and 10% or less of your calories to come from healthy fats.


Do the Calorie Math

Do the Calorie Math A little more math: if you’re trying to gain weight fast, remember that the calories you’re consuming must exceed the calories you’re burning.


Try Mixed Juice

Try Mixed Juice Here’s an easy way to add a few calories to your day: switch from a one-fruit juice (like plain apple) to a cocktail of mixed juices.


Avoid Drinking Right before Meals

Avoid Drinking Right before Meals Make sure you’re not ruining your appetite by filling up on fluids before you eat a meal. Stay hydrated, by all means, but don’t fill up on milk, water, or juice before dinner.


Have a Small Snack before Bed

Have a Small Snack before Bed Our metabolisms slow when we sleep, so having a small, nutritious snack before bed is another way to help you gain weight fast.


Enjoy Some Wine (to Stimulate Appetite)

Enjoy Some Wine (to Stimulate Appetite) Studies have shown that drinking an alcoholic beverage before a meal can stimulate your appetite, enabling you to eat a little more than you would normally. A small glass of wine, in moderation, can help you gain weight… who knew?


Snack Right, between Meals

Snack Right, between Meals If you’ve ever talked to anyone who’s dieting, you know they have a rule against eating between meals. But if you’re wondering how to gain weight fast, you know you can sneak in a few extra calories where the rest of the world tries to cut them — between meals! Indulge in a healthy snack between meals.


Add Some Cheese!

Add Some Cheese! I am a big fan of cheese, so when I’m trying to gain a little weight, I’ll add shredded cheese to almost everything to add a few calories to each meal. Casseroles, soup, potatoes, omelets, sandwiches — almost anything’s better with cheese!


Indulge… Sort of

Indulge… Sort of Whether you’re dieting to lose or to gain weight, this one rule is the same: feel free to indulge, once in a while, in a treat.


Calories Don’t Mean Fat and Sugar

Calories Don’t Mean Fat and Sugar I’ve been saying a lot about calories, so it’s important to make this clear — adding calories to your diet doesn’t mean adding just sugars (or high fructose corn syrup) and fats (like butter) to your diet.


Eat Larger Meals

Eat Larger Meals We all know how ridiculously large serving sizes have become, but if you’re trying to gain weight, this may not be a bad thing! Try to add a little to each serving you eat. Don’t double it, of course, but add a little to your meals when you can.


Eat Less Often

Eat Less Often Any dieter can tell you that to lose weight, you’ll want to go from eating 3 large meals a day to 5 small ones. Well, the opposite is true to gain weight. If you’re used to eating throughout the day, try to eat less often. It’ll help slow your metabolism, and help you gain weight.


Don’t Skip the Cardio

Don’t Skip the Cardio Remember when I said that to gain weight you needed to consume more calories than you burn? That’s not a free pass to avoid the gym. You’ll still want to reap the health benefits of a good cardio workout, so don’t skip it!


Add Weight Training

Add Weight Training Lean muscle weighs more than fat, so if you want to gain weight (and get gorgeously toned!), add a half-hour of weight training, three times a week, to your workout routine.


Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Here’s a truly easy way to gain a pound or two: quit smoking. Some of the chemicals in cigarettes are appetite suppressants, so removing them from your body will help you have a healthier appetite. Add this to the list of reasons to quit!


Ignore the Skeptics

Ignore the Skeptics When your friends find out you’re dieting to gain weight, there are sure to be a few negative Nellies and Skeptical Sallys to contend with. Ignore them! They’re just jealous.


Get Help

Get Help If all else fails, and you just can’t seem to reach your goal weight, invest in a few hours with a personal trainer and/or nutritionist. It’s worth every penny to have a professional on your side.

See? The dieters all struggling to lose weight don’t get all the tips! These tips are tried (by me) and true, and will help you gain weight safely and quickly. Which of these tips have you tried, and how did they work? Please share!

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Thank you ! Finally i feel like someone else is trying to gain weight too:)

I am on a hard work for gaining more weighs. These tips should be given a try. Thank you!

Hope this tips help good to know I'm not the only one

Gaining weight is hard sometimes a constant battle. Great to get some healthy tips. I've been told just eat cakes and fat!

It's always been so hard for me to gain weight. Can't wait to try these tips and see if they help out any. Thanks!

appreciate u for this.. thanks :")

Thanks I hope this helps

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