7 Tips for Managing ADHD without Medication ...

By Melissa

Are you looking for alternative ways for managing ADHD? ADHD is a common disorder that many school age children deal with. Even adults have been known to have ADHD. While many doctors and professionals recommend managing ADHD with medications, other experts have searched out ways to treat ADHD without medicine. Here are a few of those ways. If you or your child have ADHD, you may want to give these a try.

1 Interactive Metronome Training

A metronome is a tool used by musicians to set a steady tone or beat. The idea behind interactive metronome training is that the steady beat will help keep a person with ADHD focused and help them concentrate better. Have you ever tried something like this when managing ADHD?

2 Positive Parenting

Unfortunately, many parents with children having ADHD get frustrated. While it is undoubtedly difficult to work with a child who has ADHD, it is important to remember that some of their actions are impulsive and not intentional. Positive parenting may help. Instead of focusing on a child’s mistakes, praise them for good deeds. Take the little victories. We all love it when people point out what we are doing well instead of harping on our flaws.

3 Meditation

Others have found that meditation works well to gain back focus and calm ADHD tendencies. If you have ADHD, try taking a moment to meditate. You may only be able to to do this for short moments here and there. The goal is to build up your meditation sessions each time. With practice you will get better and better.

4 Natural Environment

Any of us can become overwhelmed if we are in a different environment filled with distractions and noise. Creating peaceful environments with limited distractions is ideal. Try to come back to the same place to work on task to help stay focused.

5 Better Sleep

There is a power in sleep, don’t you agree? Many people with ADHD will tell you that their days are more of a struggle if they do not get enough sleep the night before. Aim for eight hours of sleep each night if you are an adult and ten or more hours a night for children.

6 Diet

Certain foods are a problem for ADHD, but everyone has their own triggers. Keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink throughout the day. Don’t leave out one single bite or sip. Everything counts. Also keep record of how you felt your attention was throughout the day. If you are doing this for a child, keep record of their behavior. Later on, go back and look for similar foods that you ate during "off" or "bad" days. If you notice similarities, avoid those foods and see if things change.

7 Exercise

Exercise is another good tool for ADHD. Getting the right amount of physical activity each day makes a huge difference. Get children involved in sports or keep them active by playing outside, going for walks, or riding bikes.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to taking medication for ADHD. Of course you should contact your doctor before you stop taking any medication that has been prescribed. Work with your doctor if you are seeking alternative methods. These things can also be paired with medication to help aid you. What are some ways you have tried to manage ADHD?

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