7 Tips for Repairing a Metabolism after Dieting for Years ...


7 Tips for Repairing a Metabolism after Dieting for Years ...
7 Tips for Repairing a Metabolism after Dieting for Years ...

There are numerous tips for repairing your metabolism that are much easier than they seem and also not as intimidating as you might think. A metabolism is never really broken, and can always be fixed. Though your metabolism can be sluggish for years, there are proven ways to prepare it without going on any crazy diets whatsoever. Though your diet might need some adjustments, you won’t need to starve yourself or prevent yourself from feeling nourished. You won’t have to work out all day to heal your metabolism either. Check out these tips for repairing your metabolism, and you’ll find that with a few effective steps, you can easily reboot your system in no time!

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Watch Your Insulin

One of the very first tips for repairing your metabolism you need to consider is how you can manage your blood sugar levels. To do this, you’ll need to effectively eat for optimal insulin levels. Insulin regulates your blood sugar, and when it gets off balance, it makes you tired, makes you gain weight, and can slow down your metabolism. To stabilize your insulin levels, you’ll need to effectively watch your sugar intake and refined carbohydrate intake. In fact, even healthy foods like fruits can spike your blood sugar if you’re sensitive. Any food that gives you a huge surge of energy and then leaves you hungry and craving carbs later needs to go. This causes insulin to surge and drop, which stores fat in the body and physically wears you out.


Take Care of Your Adrenals

Your adrenal glands are located right near your kidneys and they provide energy, a sense of vitality, and they’re responsible for regulating physical and emotional stress in the body. The best way to take care of your adrenals is to get enough rest, eat alkalizing foods, and decrease acidic foods in your diet like refined foods, junk food, processed foods, excess caffeine, and sugar. All of these deplete your adrenals and weaken your metabolism greatly. You also need to be sure you moderate your stress levels effectively, since high stress levels greatly contribute to weakened adrenals as well.


Moderate Exercise

You can hurt your metabolism by exercising too much, and also hurt it by not exercising enough. In order to get a nice balance, moderate exercise is key. This keeps your metabolism running well, and also gives it time to heal and recover. Overdoing exercise can actually rob your body of its natural metabolism boosting properties, making it harder to gain energy and fight stress. A good number to go by is 45 minutes to 1 hour a day, allowing one or two rest days a week. If you can’t do that much, shoot for at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. Try to combine strength training with cardio for the best benefits and a couple times a week, try yoga, stretching, or toning exercises for a well rounded exercise approach.


Take Care of Your Thyroid

Your thyroid’s health is vital to your metabolism. You can either hurt or help your metabolism, all in how you take care of your thyroid. To easily nourish your thyroid without medication, which should be a last resort, be sure you eat foods rich in selenium, B vitamins, magnesium, lean protein, and low in starchy and sugary carbohydrates. You also need to avoid processed soy and increase your intake of iodine, either through seaweed like spirulina, or through eating seafood. Fish is one of the best sources of protein and the best protein source of iodine outside of spirulina that you can consume. Your thyroid regulates energy and helps the body’s metabolism perform all its necessary functions. Take care of it, and it will take care of you!


Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Whatever you do, don’t pull all nighters for work, late nights out for parties, or skimp on sleep for other reasons. You need rest in order to let your body recover from the day, and also help your body cope with stress from the day. You’ll wake up with vitality, and over time, with a healthy diet and stress management, your metabolism will repair all on its own.


Don’t Go Carb-free

When moderating your insulin levels and watching your sugar intake, you might get the idea that all carbs are bad. This is definitely NOT the case. In fact, going carb-free can damage your metabolism very, very quickly. So, the best way to fight this issue both ways is to eat the carbs that are most metabolism friendly, and leave the rest at the store or local fast food joint. These carbs are sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, winter squash, oats, quinoa, wild rice, amaranth, brown rice, and all green vegetables. Berries are the best fruit to consume since they are lowest in sugar and can help boost your metabolism as well.


Don’t Go Fat-free

You also don’t need to fear fats if you want to effectively take care of your metabolism. In fact, the fats in coconut, raw nuts, and seeds, along with avocados and fish, are some of the best you can eat for your metabolism. Skimping on these will make you tired, moody, and hurt your body’s natural fat-burning furnace. Eat several small servings a day for the best benefits.

Healing your metabolism doesn’t come with a pill or quick fix. It takes some work, but doing it this way is the best way to feel your best and heal it for the long term. Do you have a metabolism-boosting tip to share?

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