10 Tips for Staying Germ-Free at Work and School ...


10 Tips for Staying Germ-Free at Work and School ...
10 Tips for Staying Germ-Free at Work and School ...

If you want to avoid getting sick this winter, there are lots of great tips to stay germ-free, especially at work and school. Both places are havens for germs, with peers unknowingly passing bacteria back and forth even if they're not outwardly sick. You can keep the flu and various winter colds at bay simply by staying germ-free – and it really is that easy. You'll have to make small changes, but they're easy to incorporate into your daily life. You just have to know what they are, so I'm here to help you learn how to avoid germs in the workplace and the classroom!

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Wash Your Hands

Hand washing is definitely one of the best tips to stay germ-free in office and classroom settings. Everyone is always touching everyone else. In addition to washing your hands after using the bathroom and before eating, you should also keep your hands clean after using communal objects, sneezing, or coughing. But since you can't always get to the bathroom...


Stay Sanitized

Then you need to stay sanitized. This is by far one of the most popular tips for avoiding germs, judging by the amount of hand sanitizer I see during cold and flu season. That's certainly helpful but you may also want to wipe down your phone or desk with a disinfectant, especially if you notice a lot of coughing and sniveling in your office or classroom.


Don't Share

You can avoid having to sanitize and disinfect everything by not sharing! I know, that's rude, but during cold and flu season, it's essential. Try not to share your phone, your pens, your pencils, your stapler, and items like that. Most importantly, don't share food or drinks with anyone! You never know who's sick and some of your peers might not be quite as vigilant about washing their hands.


Stay Home

If you happen to feel yourself getting sick or if there's an outbreak at work or school, stay home! This has to top any list of tips to stay germ-free, because you can't fight off extra infection if you're already feeling sick. Similarly, you don't want to face an onslaught of coughing, sniveling coworkers or classmates. Just take a day and let your immune system bulk up. Get some sleep, drink some OJ, and eat some soup before heading out again.


Keep Tissues Handy

You have to go one step further than not sneezing or coughing in anyone's face. For one thing, preempt anyone else from doing that to you by offering tissues to anyone who has a runny nose or a tickle in their throats. Also, always use tissues yourself, or try to sneeze and cough against your forearm or elbow instead. Never do it in your hand without protection. You might spread germs to everyone around you.


Avoid Infested Areas

“Infested” is a really icky word to choose, but it's fitting. Whenever possible, avoid those areas where cold and flu germs congregate. Door handles, sink handles, public toilets, water fountains: germs gather in those places like they're heading to a tent revival. Staying germ-free means making smart choices, so even if you can't avoid those areas entirely, just be careful. Open doors with a tissue, turn on sinks with a paper towel (if your bathroom doesn't have smart sinks), and bring your own water in a bottle.


Build up Your Immune System

You have to take care of your immune system. That means eating right, getting enough sleep, taking plenty of vitamins, and exercising when you can. Vitamins C and D are particularly important, dark leafy greens are ideal, naps are your friends, and steady activity is hugely beneficial.


Keep a Clean Space

As I briefly mentioned earlier, you need to keep your space clean. It's one of the most conspicuous tips to stay germ-free, but it's still necessary. Wipe down your desk, your chair, and your phone; make sure there aren't any discarded tissues cluttering your space; and make sure nothing is dusty or dirty. If the whole office or school is sick, no one's going to get offended.


Hands off

Keep your hands to yourself! Actually, keep your hands off of yourself as well. Don't spend a lot of time touching your face or eyes, restrain from picking your nose, and don't pick at your teeth. Don't get all touchy feely with others either, at least if they're exhibiting signs of sickness.


Think about Immunization

If you want to figure out how to avoid germs, I want to give you every possible option. Not everyone agrees with immunizations or flu shots, and that's perfectly okay – I'm not pushing you in either direction. However, it's something to consider, and you definitely want to think about all the possible remedies and tips available to you.

These are all efficient, helpful tips to stay germ-free, especially when you're out and about. While they're particular essential at work and at school, they'll also keep you free from germs and bacteria at restaurants and stores. You don't want to spend any part of the glorious winter season laid up in bed feeling lousy. I mean, if you're going to be stuck in bed all day, it should be fun! Do you have any other tips for avoiding germs that help you stay well?

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