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8 Tips for Good Posture ...

By Melissa

Do you need tips for good posture? Having proper posture is important to your health. Unfortunately many people slouch and have horrible posture. Good posture isn’t just for ballerinas. We should all try to carry ourselves with a straight back. If you are confused about ways to have good posture then please check out these 8 tips for good posture.

1 Keep Shoulders Back

Simply rolling your shoulders back instead of pushing them forward will automatically improve your posture. It might even feel good. Whenever someone is going to take a picture of me I always check my posture by following this tip for better posture. This move also helps when I feel tension in my back, especially when I have spent several hours sitting in front of a computer screen.

2 Engaged Your Stomach Muscles

Your stomach and core muscles play a huge role in your posture. Keeping your stomach muscles pulled in when sitting and standing won’t just make you look slimmer, it will also help improve posture. It may feel unnatural at first to keep your stomach muscles engaged, but over time you will get used to it more. Do you already engage your stomach muscles?


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3 Bend Your Knees

If you are standing remember to bend your knees slightly. Keeping your knees locked is very bad. Keeping your knees locked can cause a circulation problem. I’ve even known people to pass out from standing still with locked knees.

4 Quality Shoes

Girl, I know you want to look cute in those 3 inch heels, but they are killing your posture. Heels are nice to wear some of the time, but I suggest wearing quality shoes that offer support and comfort when you will need to walk and stand for long periods of time. Don’t worry there are tons of cute shoes that won’t break your posture.

5 Move around

Don’t just stand there. Try to move around when you can’t take a seat. This tip for good posture is another one designed to keep your blood moving throughout the body. Again, the last thing you want is to pass out.

6 Hold Your Chin up

It is easy to slouch if you are looking down at the ground and holding your chin to your chest. Follow this tip for better posture when walking; hold your chin parallel to the ground. I’m pretty sure you have been walking for several years now, so why must you look at your feet with every step? Instead try looking out several feet ahead.

7 Firm Mattress

Sometimes poor sleep can negatively affect posture too. I like this tip for better posture because it doesn’t require too much effort. For the best posture you want to sleep on a firm mattress. That soft saggy mattress will only weaken your back muscles. Be honest, how’s your current mattress?

8 Build Core Strength

It is not enough to just engage your stomach muscles during the day. You can also improve posture by building your core strength. Your core includes all your stomach muscles and your back muscles. You can increase core strength through yoga, Pilates, and other strength training exercises.

Now that you know all these tips for good posture, which ones will you try? I bet people will notice a difference in you if you improve your posture.

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