8 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture ...


8 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture ...
8 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture ...

If you are someone who finds that you suffer from unexplained back pain or ache quite a lot, or that you are always getting people to give your neck a quick massage, then it could be something to do with your posture. Having a good, strong posture is really important, and if yours is slightly bent or bowing or anything of that sort, then it can cause quite a few problems in the long run. In order to live as pain free and healthy live as possible, trying to maintain a good posture is essential. Here are eight simple ways to improve your posture.

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Laptop Stand

If you work on a laptop all day like a lot of people, then try out using a stand for it rather than placing it directly flat on your desk. Having it resting at an angle like that will help you to keep your head at a much more level position, and you will be able to avoid prolonged flexion of your cervical spine.


Edge of Seat

It helps to sit on the edge of your seat rather than sink down in to it, because sitting on the edge automatically makes you sit up straighter, along with activating your core muscles to keep your more upright and make you stronger.


Strong Core

And speaking of core muscles, it really is integral that you work on keeping them nice and strong. They support your spine and help to keep you upright with allowing you to flex and bend. One of the best ways to maintain a strong core is to get in to doing regular planks.


Walk Barefoot

Poorly fitted sneakers and high heels can often have a detrimental affect on the way that you walk and carry yourself. To try to give yourself breaks in this, you should aim to walk around barefoot as often as you can.


Non Dominant Hand

It can help your posture if you make an effort to use your non dominant hand for lots of tasks throughout the day. In particular, doing things like carrying your bag on your non dominant side will release some of the pressure that has built up over the years from only ever using the other side.



Get into the habit of doing some neck and upper back stretches every time you go for bathroom break at work. It will break up the monotony of sitting down at your desk, and it will give your muscles and spine some much needed variety.


Deep Breaths

Sometimes our lives are so busy that we actually forget to breathe deeply! When you take nice deep breaths, you are accessing parts of muscle groups that otherwise don’t get action, and this can all help towards better posture.


Roll down

Start and end every day with a classic pilates roll down. Stand with your feet hip width apart, and with your knees slightly bent and your pelvis tucked under, let your neck relax and drop your chin to your chest. Start rolling down slowly through your spine with nice relaxed arms. Go as low as your body will allow you to and then stay there for a few breaths before rolling back up.

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