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7 Yoga Poses for Better Posture ...

By Holly

Good posture will help you keep your breasts and your booty out, which will make you look and feel more beautiful than ever before. Plus, standing up straight creates the illusion of confidence, which can help you land a job or a boyfriend. There are dozens of benefits to standing up straight, and absolutely no downsides to it, which is why you should test out these yoga poses to improve your posture:

1 Mountain Pose

The mountain pose will help you align your back, which will give you great posture. It's so easy to do that you won't even feel like you're doing yoga at all. The only thing it really requires you to do is stand up straight and move your thighs and tailbone a bit. You'll ace the pose the first time you attempt it, guaranteed.

2 Cobra Pose

This pose will help you strengthen and straighten your back. Although it requires you to stretch further back than you're probably used to, it shouldn't make your muscles ache. Just don't become overwhelmed by all of the other poses mentioned in this training video, because you don't actually need to know them. As long as you watch the woman in the video closely, you'll be able to master the cobra pose, even if you're a novice.

3 Child’s Pose

This is a super simple yoga pose that anyone can do, even if they haven't exercised for an entire year. All you're really doing is resting on your knees and leaning your head down onto the floor. With the right music, you could even fall asleep in this pose. It's that easy to master.

4 Lizard Pose

This pose requires quite a bit of stretching, but it will do more than improve your posture. It will also help open your hips and strengthen your quads. If you've never considered yourself to be flexible, that will change after you attempt this pose for a few days.

5 Bridge Pose

This pose will improve your posture, strengthen your glutes, and increase the strength in your hips. Since it helps you in various areas, it's one of the most important yoga poses to learn. Plus, it's also one of the easiest positions to get into. The challenging part is keeping your hips up in the air for longer and longer each time you attempt the pose.

6 Tree Pose

This pose will help you with more than your posture. It'll also help you with your balance. If you're having trouble staying balanced on one leg, then you should try picking a spot on the wall to focus on. Keeping your eyes glued to the same spot should help keep your leg glued to the same spot.

7 Wheel Pose

You don't want to hurt yourself, so make sure you stretch before you attempt this move. Although it starts out pretty simply, you're eventually going to be pushing your body into a strange position, so if you're not flexible, don't force your body to bend too much. You should start out small and push yourself to bend further and further every day, so you don't end up pulling something.

Good posture can make you seem more confident and attractive, which is why it's so important to master these yoga poses. Which one is your favorite from this list?

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