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How to Use and Elliptical can be scary and awkward if you're a first-time user. The machines look intimidating, and you may even have seen someone wipe out while they were using one... ouch! But the elliptical is nothing to fear, and is even one of my favorite machines at the gym. If you're eager to give it a ago, and aren't sure where to start, keep reading! Here are 7 tips on how to use an elliptical machine.

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Wear Good Shoes

As with any other exercise, the right shoes are important. Be sure they fit well, and that they have good grip, otherwise, you could face discomfort, injury, or (perhaps worse) an embarrassing slip and fall on the elliptical machine.


Go Slow

Here's a tip on how to use the elliptical that every beginner needs to know: start off slow! Once you get the hang of the motion and the controls, you can speed up and even change to intensity. But for now, starting out, keep it slow and easy.


Kick It up!

Now that you've gotten the hang of the basic movement and motion, it's time to kick up the speed a little, and the resistance. Stop moving while you make the changes, then start back up again. Get ready for the burn!


Play with the Settings

Once you're used to the motion, take some time to play with the controls a bit. Some elliptical machines have instructions on how to use an elliptical to get the best workout, but others don't... some have cool settings and features, but they're all different. Spend some time, while you're NOT MOVING, to figure it out.


Get Help

If there's a setting, feature, or button you just don't understand or can't figure out, ask for help! Approach the gym staff... or better yet, that hottie on the elliptical next to you that you've been eying for about three weeks now!


Be Courteous

As with any other piece of gym equipment, try and be courteous when you're using the elliptical. Don't just stand there and gossip when you're done using it, especially if there's a line-up behind you, and don't sing out loud with your iTunes play list while you're on it... yes, I've done that last one before. If you can sing loudly, then you're not working hard enough!


Wipe down when You're Done

Last, when you're done using the elliptical machine, wipe it down. Most gyms provide damp wipes to use, or a spray bottle and cloth, but if not, be prepared to use your own towel... and if you're using the elliptical machine correctly, it'll be REALLY sweaty!

Now that you know how to use an elliptical machine, lace up your shoes, grab your bottle of water, and go for it, girl! It's excellent exercise and can actually be a lot of fun! Do you think you'll try to use one, now that you know how to use an elliptical? Why or why not? Do tell!

Top Photo Credit: Oregon State University

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