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7 Tips to Help You Avoid Pain from Using the Computer ...

By Alicia

Are you searching for ways to avoid pain from using the computer? I can relate because I have had to do the exact same thing. Because I work from home, I use my computer a lot and in many different places in our home, from in bed to the couch to the kitchen table. These are the lessons I have learned to help me avoid pain from using the computer.

1 Watch Your Position

It is important to watch your position to avoid pain from using the computer. If I put myself in a position where I am looking downward, my neck is bent at an awkward angle and I am inviting pain. If I place my laptop too high, I am asking my wrists to work at an unnatural angle and that can cause problems as well. It is important to make sure the position you are in is comfortable and as ergonomically correct as possible. This will help you to avoid pain.

2 Use a Desk Chair

About six months ago, I was dealing with quite a bit of pain from using the computer. I had to learn to sit differently. Using a desk chair pulled up to my kitchen table helped me out a lot here. It helped align my back, neck and legs in a better position. It took a lot of strain off of my shoulders, too. If you are experiencing pain from using your computer, trying this may help you out.

3 Brush up on Your Ergonomics Knowledge

If you are struggling with pain from using your computer, consider brushing up on your ergonomics knowledge. Ergonomics is the study of how people can work most efficiently without discomfort. It is interesting and very helpful. Using a bit of knowledge in ergonomics can help you to avoid pain. I learned a lot about the need for proper body alignment while working at a computer when I studied up on this subject.

4 Use Extra Caution with Laptops

You need to use extra caution when you use a laptop. When you use a desktop computer at an actual desk, you are in a much better position for computer usage. Laptops are wonderful and I, too, love the fact that you can take them anywhere and work everywhere. But they also up your chances of injury and pain from computer usage. If you are going to use a laptop, use caution to protect against injury.

5 Be Alert for Pain

Be alert for pain when you use your computer. If you feel pain, that is your body trying to tell you something is wrong and the position is not working right for you. That is a signal that you need to do something differently. Try shifting positions into a more comfortable one. Try to think about if the way you are sitting is healthy for your body. Shift so that it is.

6 Stand and Stretch

This is one of the best tips you can follow to avoid pain from using your computer. It is also one of the easiest. Just stop and take a break every hour or so. Get up and walk around a bit and let your muscles stretch out of their cramped position. It will really help you to prevent having pain from using the computer.

7 Watch Your Wrists

It is important to have your wrists in the proper position to avoid injury to them, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This can happen even when you work at a desk, but is even more likely when you work away from a desk. To prevent this, be careful of the position you place your wrists in. If you are unsure if you are placing them in the correct position, do some research into the subject online. Your wrists can also benefit from a break every hour or so.

I certainly hope these tips help you to prevent having pain from using the computer. What tips do you use to avoid pain while using the computer? I would love to learn from you!

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