Top 8 Exercises for Summer ...


Top 8 Exercises for Summer ...
Top 8 Exercises for Summer ...

Summer’s almost here, and when you’re done putting away the winter clothes, it’s time to put away the winter workout, too! Refresh your fitness routine by adding some of these, the best exercises for summer. That bikini body isn’t going to tone itself, so let’s go!

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Whether you’re into a gentle ride on the shady bike path or an intense go on a mountain trail, biking is an excellent exercise for summer. Sure, you can get the same burn on the stationary bike at the gym or in your basement, but the fresh air makes it more fun… along with the change of scenery.



Swimming is an excellent exercise for summer, or for anytime, really. It’s great cardio, ideal for people who have weak joints or lack of balance, and it’s inexpensive. Rally at the beach for a good outdoor swim, or swim laps at the local pool. Either way, you’ll get toned, fast!



Roller-blading requires a smooth surface and a little balance, but it’s an ideal exercise for summer because it’s a good core workout, and will give you a bikini-ready bottom, too! It’s also a creative date night idea, and aside from the blades and wrist-guards, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment.



Is there anything more fun, or better cardio, than bouncing on a big trampoline? As long as you keep your heart rate going, it’s an excellent exercise for summer… it’s also a great photo op with friends!



I love hiking, and it can be a lot of work… which of course makes it an excellent exercise for summer. Make sure you choose a trail you can handle, that you stay hydrated, and that you wear the right shoes and gear. And check for ticks when you get back from your hike…



Tennis can be such good exercise, all year round, but especially in summer! Spend time with friends at the courts, but again, be sure to keep hydrated, and wear the right shoes!


Jogging or Running

I loathe running on the treadmill in winter; I just can’t wait to run outside in summer! Again, it’s important to stay hydrated and wear the right gear. I like to run first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot.



Just like the little song, Row Row Row Your Boat! Get on the lake or pond and tone your arms and abs by rowing. The key here is to keep your back straight; the end of your rowing motion ought to stop with you sitting up straight, not leaning back.

With so many fun ways to exercise this summer, there’s no reason to keep up your boring indoor winter routine! Get outside and have some fun… and fitness! Which of these exercises for summer will you try first? Or do you have another fun summer exercise you like to do?

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