Top Reasons Why You MUST Declutter for a Healthier You ...

Anyone who has Netflix will no doubt be familiar with the huge amount of attention that home guru Marie Kondo has received with her new series about how to clean your home and improve your life. Her ethos is all about decluttering and getting rid of anything in your life that takes up room and does not bring you joy. In my opinion, decluttering is something that we could all do with going through to improve our moods and circumstances. Here are some very good reasons why you MUST declutter!

1. Brain Health

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It has been scientifically proven that clutter is bad for your brain! Our brains like order, and when your surroundings are the exact visual opposite of that, it can have a lasting effect on things like memory, mood, and overall happiness thanks to a lower rate of positive chemicals being released. It’s a simple case of the cleaner and clearer your environment being, the cleaner and clearer your mind is.

2. Physical and Mental Health

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It’s easy to understand how a cluttered and messy space can have a negative impact on your mental health for all of the reasons we just explored above, but your physical health can also be impacted too. Studies have shown that the more cluttered an environment you live in, the less inspired you are going to be to be active, and a lack of enthusiasm and motivation ultimately leads to living a sedentary lifestyle. The more sedentary you are, the more likely you are to be overweight and at risk of things like Type 2 diabetes.

3. Obesity

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And moving on from the talk of physical health, there is a direct link between a cluttered and messy home and obesity. There are a few different points of view on this subject, one of the most credible being that people with messy living conditions don’t want to create even more mess with pots and pans, and therefore tend to rely more on takeout and junk food to satisfy their hunger.

4. Physical Pain

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Experts believe that people who are in the depths of hoarding obsessions can actually feel physical pain when required or forced to throw away possessions. This is no fit way to live, in fear of getting rid of unwanted items because of physical pain, and sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy have been cited as a really effective way to break this chain.

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