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Top Wellness Trends to Jump on Board of in 2019 ...

By Carly

One of the best things about the world of health and fitness is that there are always new and interesting trends to get on board with and try out. Just like fashion and beauty, wellness is something that experiences ups and downs in terms of what is popular and what is on the back burner, and it is always good to be someone who stays on top of what is hot and what is not! So you can be someone who sets the tone and pace in your own circles, here are the top wellness trends for 2019.

1 Elderberries

Elderberries are recently being celebrated for their amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and there has been a massive rise in recipes containing the pretty little berries across the web. Get on board with the trend before it really blows up!

2 Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol is a gentler, natural alternative to the more familiar retinol. It is extracted from the bakuchi seed, and has been praised for the positive effects that it can have on your skin. There are plenty of facial oils now being introduced to the market that contain this great natural skin aid.

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3 Matcha

Matcha is hardly a well kept secret at this point, but the trend is set to continue for all of this year! Online searches for the super powder are up 144%, with things like smoothies and baking recipes containing matcha now more popular than ever. It also helps that this is a health food that is genuinely delicious!

4 Sleep Logs

The big general health trend this year is going to be paying more attention to your sleep cycle, and helping to keep track with the use of a sleep log. There are dozens and dozens of great apps for smartphones that can track your sleep progress and patterns in a really detailed way, and these insights can have a huge impact on your routine, highlighting areas that you could improve on in order to feel more rested on a regular basis.

5 Nutrition Plans

Whilst some people still like to just go with the flow and wing it in terms of their daily food routine, nutrition plans are going to be present in a big way this year. The more detailed and attentive you can be to your food diary and making sure you get all of the nutrition that you need, the better!

6 Band Workouts

If you haven’t already, 2019 is definitely the year to invest in some banded workout equipment. Flexible bands work to strengthen your entire body, and online searches for exercise routines that involve them have risen by a staggering 1913%!

7 Growing Your Own

What better way to ensure that the food you are eating is healthy and nutritious than growing it for yourself? Allotments, yards, and various vegetable patches are super popular among young adults at the moment, and it is a trend that shows no signs of slowing in 2019!

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