Transform Your Life by Supercharging Your Energy Levels ...


Transform Your Life by Supercharging Your Energy Levels ...
Transform Your Life by Supercharging Your Energy Levels ...

If you want to transform your life you need to make some changes and your energy will surge. Minor changes make a significant difference and can have you flying high and feeling like your energy is limitless. Performing interval training, sprinting, hydrating, meditating and even meeting a friend for a workout can surge your energy. And make sure you eat your greens and get to bed earlier so you can fly high with the stars and shine with energy!

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Do Interval Training

Do Interval Training Push yourself with interval training to work hard with jumping exercises then take a short break. Perform this for 30-45 minutes to push yourself and you will be amazed in just how much energy you feel post workout.


Sprint It out

Sprint It out Run as fast as you can for a half of a mile, then walk for one minute to give your heart rate a break. Repeat 6-8 times to push yourself to a whole new level. This workout will boost your energy and you will be surprised by just how amazing you will feel. I do this workout once to twice a week for this very reason!


Hydrate Your Body

Hydrate Your Body Drink plenty of water to better your health, boost your energy and give yourself an extra kick. Hydration is key to helping muscle recovery, eliminating cramping and helping you to feel at your best. So aim for 8-10 glasses of water daily!



Meditate Relax and meditate for the betterment of your mental health. You will learn better life coping skills after making meditation part of your daily life. So rest your mind and relax, you will be thankful you did when you find you have more patience each day!


Meet a Friend for a Workout

Meet a Friend for a Workout Multi task and meet a friend for a workout. Some of my best workouts consist of meeting a friend to catch up for a run. You will burn calories, bond and alleviate stress. Then you are totally winning!

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Eat More Greens

Eat More Greens Eat more greens to boost your fiber intake, lose weight and surge your energy. Regular consumption of your greens will help regularize your visits to the bathroom and your weight will start to drop as a result. So eat those greens and your body will thank you with amazing results!


Get to Bed Earlier

Get to Bed Earlier As energetic as you probably feel mid-day, by the end of the night you should be closing all media, reading a book and getting to bed. 8-10 hours of sleep will help you to have more energy and perform like a rock star. So get to bed sleepy head!


Start Drinking Vegetable Juice

lady, fashion, sense, shopping, When you begin to feel sluggish, reach for some veggies and throw them in the juicer. Better than an afternoon coffee or energy drink, juicing loses the fiber making them easier to digest. This in turn will cause your body to get a boost of energy. Added bonus: vegetable juice is great for your immune system, eliminating waste from the body, and feeding your cells the good stuff.


Reduce Carb Consumption

plant, fruit, food, produce, flora, While carbs do give your body energy, you need to be mindful of what kind of carbs your ingesting. Simple carbs such as sugar from sodas and energy drinks, are burned quickly, which is what leaves you with the crash. Go for complex carbs if you must, which will supply your body with a constant energy source.


Chia Seeds Are Your New Best Friend

food, dessert, breakfast, produce, meal, Chia seeds will become every sluggish persons new best friend once they discover the wonderful properties they hold! The Omega-3 and Omega-6 content in Chia seeds helps fight adrenal fatigue and inflammation, which keeps your body feeling fresh from sun up to sun down.

Small changes add up to make a big difference so make sure you get plenty of sleep and follow these tips. Your body will give you the best thank you; more energy and great results!

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Sleep in the nude...!!!! Fantastic way to catch some Zzz 's

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