Smart Ways to Improve Your Mental Health ...


Smart Ways  to Improve Your Mental Health ...
Smart Ways  to Improve Your Mental Health ...

Looking after your mental health is as important as having a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly. Actually, those three things have a symbiotic relationship – they all live together to make you a happy, healthy person – so it’s essential that you give focus to all of them. Your mental health is probably the one you give least attention to but you can change that with a few smart moves:

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Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed Make the effort to make your bed every day after you get up. It can help to de-clutter your mind and give you a fresh perspective at the end of every evening.


Prioritize Yourself

Prioritize Yourself Stop putting the needs of others before your own and avoid getting in to situations where you are pleasing others to your own detriment.


New Hobby

New Hobby Take up a new hobby whose only purpose is to give you a few hours of peace and enjoyment.


Treat Budget

Treat Budget If you can, save a little money each month so that you can reward yourself with a few indulgent treats.


Less Negativity

Less Negativity Make a conscious effort to be more optimistic in your everyday life, and that includes cutting out those negative talks in the mirror every morning.


Memory Jar

Memory Jar Compile a memory jar by writing down fun things that have happened to you. It can make for a great mood boost to read through when you are feeling down.


End Bad Relationships

End Bad Relationships It’s time to cut ties with any friends, partners or colleagues that serve no other purpose than to make you feel bad about yourself.


Eliminate ‘Should’

Eliminate ‘Should’ Cut out the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary. It will make you more decisive and more open to trying new things instead of just wishing that you had.



Therapy There is absolutely no stigma in seeking out professional help if you want to address a deeper problem. That is what therapists are there for!


Say No

Say No Have the conviction and confidence to be able to say no to things you don’t want to do without having to come up with a lame excuse every time.


Less Complaining

Less Complaining Try to eliminate a little bit of self-pity by making the effort not to complain about situations that are completely out of your control. It is a waste of energy.


Respect Your Pain

Respect Your Pain Treat your emotional pain in just the same way you treat your physical pain. You wouldn’t ignore a broken arm, so why should you ignore a suffering mind?



Sleep Make sure you get in to a good, regular sleeping pattern. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours every night can do your mind the world of good.



Start a journal as a way to express your thought and feelings rather than bottling them up inside. You can also then read back to previous months to get some perspective if you need to.


Don’t Compare

Don’t Compare We are all unique individuals; it does absolutely no good to be comparing your life to the lives of those around you.


Alone Time

Alone Time Spend a bit more time focusing just on yourself; it can be draining to be constantly around people who require things of you.



Positivity Start every single day by reminding yourself of something positive about your life, no matter how big or small it might be.


Less Social Media

Less Social Media Try to spend less time on social media, as that is a prime environment for the temptation to compare your life to other people’s lives.



Share Don’t keep your feeling locked up inside. Share your troubles with your friends and you will find that they will do anything to help you.

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Thank you for sharing because Im feeling depressed lately.

Amazing !!

Very helpful

Love this

Yes getting rid of bad a boyfriend can be the start!

Had to get rid of my old friends. They just didn't meet me halfway 😕.

Great stuff 💕

I agree

Very helpful

Get rid of my negative thoughts

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