Here Are the Best Ways to Deal with Stress ...


Here Are the Best Ways to Deal with Stress ...
Here Are the Best Ways to Deal with Stress ...

There are so many ways to deal with stress so there's no reason you should be suffering. It's no secret that life gets stressful from time to time and while you probably can't prevent it from happening, you can arm yourself with the best tips for dealing with stress so that you can get on with things.

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Get up Earlier

If your stress stems from always running late and feeling like the mornings are a mad rush to get out the door, the simple act of getting up earlier is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Even just 15 minutes can make a huge difference.


Let Go of Toxic Relationships

We've all known at least one person who simply drains the life out of us. We're adults, so who says we have to put up with that person. Abandoning toxic relationships isn't mean; it's one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Give up those people who stress you out, or distance yourself as best you can and you'll feel so much better.


Eat Healthy Foods

The foods you eat play a big role in how you feel. If you are in a rut of eating takeout or fast food, it's no wonder you can't handle your stress. Nourishing your body with healthy foods gives your body and brain the fuel it needs to get through the day without losing your shit.


Be Kind

Simply treating others better can make you feel better and alleviate your stress levels. Making someone else feel good is an easy way to make yourself feel good. It could be as simple as bringing a co-worker a coffee when you make your afternoon run or it could be volunteering to help the homeless. Whatever it is, being kind is a great stress reliever.


Say No

So often stress comes from spreading yourself too thin and ending up being resentful of everything you have to get done. Learning to say "no" is a valuable skill that all women should practice. You can't do everything and you shouldn't feel bad for turning down things that don't speak to your passions. Save your time for what really matters and watch some of your stress melt away.


Read a Book

When you sit down and take some quiet time for yourself, it pays off. Being alone to do what you love is a great way to ease stress and give yourself something to look forward to. If you don't like reading, try knitting, taking a warm bath or going for a solo walk.


See a Therapist

There is way too much stigma surrounding therapy, but really, there's nothing wrong with seeking help if you need it. Sitting down and talking to a neutral person can help you see new perspectives. And sometimes, just getting it all out can help you feel less stressed and able to move on.

What stresses you out? How do you deal?

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