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8 Brilliant Ways to De-Stress That Don't Involve Meditation ...

By Deeceebee

Sometimes, when people hear the word meditation, they are immediately turned off because they imagine scented candles, whale song music, and a lot of humming and chanting. Sure some meditation is like that, but not all, and in fact, if you want to de-stress, meditation isn’t the only thing that you can do anyway! If you’re looking for something to help but don’t want to turn to the traditionally spiritual, then here are eight ways to de-stress that don’t involve meditation.

1 Exercise

A great way to get out of your current head space and find a new focus is to throw yourself into exercise. Exercising to de-stress has great benefits. It’s hard to dwell on negatives when you are so preoccupied in both mind and body, and you also get the added bonus of the euphoria-inducing endorphins to help you continue to feel great after your workout has finished.

2 Rearrange Furniture

Occupy yourself with rearranging the furniture in your home. It will have the double effect of keeping you busy and helping to think about something else, and also giving your living environment a fresh new vibe that could help to get you out of your negative funk.


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3 Stillness

I don’t mean in the introspective way of meditation, I mean literally go and find somewhere where you can spend some time in the quiet, with the business of your life at the door. It could be the middle of a big park, it could be the corner of a library, it could be the security of your own bedroom. Just somewhere where you can be still and quiet for a bit.

4 Treat Yourself

We spend a lot of time trying to avoid the foods that, if we’re being honest, make us the most happy! When you are feeling particularly stressed, there is absolutely no shame in grabbing a box of your favourite takeout and enjoying every last crumb of it. Treating yourself is an important factor in the psychology of stress.

5 Cook

If you don’t want to go the whole unhealthy hog of getting in some junk food, you can always cook yourself a wonderful meal. Cooking can be really therapeutic, especially if you follow a simple recipe, and you get that relaxation with the added bonus of being able to eat something delicious at the end of it. Join the baking to de-stress phenomenon.

6 Write

Don’t think about what you are going to write, just put pen to paper and see what comes out. It might be doodles, it might be song lyrics, or it might be a poem, it could be anything. As long as your mind is on creativity rather than stressful situations, you’re on the right path. Write something great and submit it to AllWomenStalk's Write ✒️ and Earn 💰 Program.

7 Aromatherapy

Different scents can literally evoke different emotions in people, so what you need to do is experiment with aromatherapy and find scents that work for you. Once you have your favourites, you can work to have them all around your home for maximum relaxation.

8 Spontaneous

Try to force yourself out of your normal routine by taking spontaneous opportunities. The less time you have to think about doing something, the less stressed you are likely to be become. Most stress comes from overthinking and considering everything that can go wrong rather than go right.

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