10 Little Indulgences That Boost Your Mental Health ...


10 Little Indulgences That Boost Your Mental Health ...
10 Little Indulgences That Boost Your Mental Health ...

Little indulgences that boost your mental health are simple and easy to get hold of or do. Anybody who has ever been on a fitness journey and then had to sustain their new-found body will know that one of the key factors in not reverting to the way you were before and staying on track is to allow yourself a few mini indulgences every now and then. This kind of treating yourself is essential to keeping a good balance, and the very same kind of attitude can be directly applied to your mental health as well as your physical health. Mental health is something that should be worked out and exercised just as much as your physical body, and it should also be treated too. Here is a list of ten little indulgences that to boost your mental health.

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Scented Soap

Add a little bit of zest and pleasure in to something as mundane as washing your hands by buying a nice scented soap to go in your bathroom.


Fresh Flowers

Flowers are well known for there mood boosting qualities, so make the effort to dot a few bunches around the most used rooms in your home.


Phone Wallpaper

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 80 times a day!? Make the most of this by setting your wallpaper to an image that brings you joy, whether it’s a pet or a partner or even a beautiful nature landscape.


Art Prints

Create a beautiful space in your home by hanging one or two nice art prints around the place. Art can be really therapeutic when you find a style that suits your own personality.


Cloth Napkins

You can add a little touch of luxury to meal times by investing in a set of cloth napkins. They feel of them is much nicer than paper disposable ones.


Fresh Fruit and Veg

Treat your body right both physically and mentally by eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can every day. The healthier you are, the better you are going to feel both inside and out. A bite of your favourite sweet fruit is usually more delicious than you remember.



Never underestimate the power that music can have. Spend that $10 a month on Spotify and you will be able to listen to any song in the world at any time, it’s a real luxury at a budget price.



Candles aren’t just for fancy restaurants! It might be cliché, but a good scented candle can really enhance your mood and provide you with more pleasing lighting than a big room lamp.


Nice Dishes

You have to eat every day, there is no getting away from that, so why not make meal times a bit more special by investing in some high quality china? It will make lunch and dinner feel like a much more enjoyable experience.


Water Bottle

The more hydrated you are, the happier you are, so you should get in to the habit of carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. Taking sips throughout the day is the best way to stay alert and on top of things. Change things up a little with an infused water.

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