7 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Self-Care to Be Happier ...


7 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Self-Care to Be Happier ...
7 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Self-Care to Be Happier ...

There are so many simple ways to supercharge your self-care, so there's really no reason to let it go any longer. Taking care of yourself lets you do a better job of taking care of the other people and obligations in your life. When you're rundown and out of energy, you aren't any good to anyone, yourself included. Self-care doesn't have to take hours every day or cost a lot of money. Here are some simple ways to supercharge your self-care.

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Change out of Your Work Clothes!

Trust me, I know what it’s like to leave work and have to race to the bank and then the store and then try to get home in time to make dinner and get to bed at a decent hour. The thought of changing out of what you’re wearing right after you finish your shift seems like a big waste of five minutes. As it turns out, when you wear your work clothes in non-work environments, you are still subconsciously wearing the stress and concerns of the workplace. Do yourself a favor and change into a fresh set of clothes before continuing your day. Even if you work in jeans and a T-shirt, change into a different pair of jeans and a T-shirt. This is actually one of my favorite simple ways to supercharge your self-care.


Don’t Multitask during Meals

This one can be difficult. You may only have half an hour to eat your sandwich and chips and it’s just so easy to eat with one hand and type with the other. Stop! Stop pulling out your phone and browsing social media, or making phone calls. Take a deep breath and focus on your food. Enjoy your lunch because you earned it.


Stop Drinking Caffeine after 3 P.m

Even if you’re like me and you basically need an IV drip of coffee to get through each day, after 3 p.m. just put the mug down. The coffee pot at work can be tempting. Maybe there is just enough left to microwave and pass off as fresh. Don’t touch it! Even if you’re not someone who has trouble falling asleep after drinking caffeine, your sleep will be unrestful and you will feel it in the morning, at which point you might reach for the coffee again. Do yourself a favor and opt for something decaf.


Say No

This one can be a bit tricky. It’s not a bad thing to want to help your friends, your partner, or your coworkers, but don’t let helping others prevent you from relaxing or doing the things you love. If it does, you may grow to resent the people you care about. It’s okay to pass on helping your sister unpack boxes, or tell your manager that you’re sorry, but you can’t come in to work on your day off. Don’t compromise your time and happiness.


Text Your Friends First

How many times have you scrolled through Facebook and seen a post by a friend you haven't spoken to in weeks. The internal dialogue probably sounds a little like this: “Oh, Lisa has a new boyfriend. I had no idea. Why didn’t she tell me? Actually, when was the last time she texted me? She probably doesn't want to see me anymore.” Yikes! Save yourself the imaginary pain and text Lisa. She probably has just been busy or is maybe having the same critical inner dialogue you might be having.


Cook a Meal

Even if you are a terrible cook, there is something rewarding about making your own food. If you’re no good at cooking, try something simple. Google a recipe or call your mom to ask her how to make that dish of hers that you love so much. Invite a friend over and try making something together. This is also an affordable and fun date idea. When you’re finished, sit down for a glass of wine together. Cooking will keep you off the couch and get your creative juices flowing. Homemade meals are also much healthier than takeout or frozen meals.


End Your Day with a Compliment

This one is just so darn easy. When you’re unwinding for bed, stop and think about something from your day that you thought was just fantastic. It can be how your hair came out, how you won that five dollars from a scratch off, or even just that a stranger smiled and waved at you on the sidewalk. What are you thinking about?

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