9 Unhygienic Things You do Every Day ...

I bet I can name a few unhygienic things that you do every day. No, really. However hot on hygiene you think that you are, it seems we’re generally pretty bad at everyday cleanliness. I’ve been chatting to some clean experts and searching through research documents, and here’s some crazy unhygienic things that you do every day. I can almost guarantee it.

1. Holding Money

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The first of the unhygienic things that you do every day? Touch money. Yes, really. Extensive tests have shown that a £1 coin frequently has more germs on it than a toilet seat, and notes don’t fare much better. Refusing any contact with money might be a little difficult, and nobody wants to be washing their pennies, but make sure you wash your hands once you’ve touched money. You seriously need to!

2. Key in Your Pin

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Planning on ditching actual cash and using your card instead? Think again. While you might wash your hands often, you can guarantee that the PIN pad hasn’t been washed in a while. In fact, studies have shown that a large amount of shops have never washed their PIN pads, and those that do are very ineffective. Keep some antibacterial hand gel ready for once you’ve got your receipt.

3. Drink from a Can

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I bet this one has never occurred to you. Fancy a can of Coke? First, think about the journey that can has been on. From the factory to transport trucks, stock rooms to shop keepers hands, its been on quite the ride before you clamp your lips around it. I’ll be carrying straws around with me from now on!

4. Eat Five Second Food

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The five second rule is so well known that it’s even been investigated by a British university. The good news? There are less germs on a piece of food if it is retrieved within five seconds. The bad? There is still a lot. Don’t eat food off the floor, whatever it is. 99% of bacteria is transferred on contact, so you really don’t want it in your mouth.

5. Use Your Phone

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When was the last time you washed your phone case, or wiped down your screen? Exactly. You use your phone EVERYWHERE, and the screen attracts dirt and bacteria. In fact, your phone probably holds 500 times more germs than your toilet. Grab an antibac wipe, and get to work. Don’t forget to wash that case, too!

6. Pet Dogs and Cats

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Pets are lovely, and nobody wants to turn down some fluffy affection. They aren’t exactly renowned for being clean, though. In fact, dogs are famous for licking their butts, and cats aren’t much better. You wouldn’t let anyone else kiss you if they’d just been getting intimate with themselves… If you don’t want to miss out on pet love, make sure you wash yourself afterwards.

7. Brush Your Teeth

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Is your toothbrush uncovered during the day? If it is, you might want to get a new one. Toilet germs can spray up to 6 feet on flushing, and a recent study found that most people’s toothbrushes tested positive. Gross. Definitely get a cupboard for your toothbrush and anything else that you’d like to protect from toilet juice.

8. Put on Your Bra

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When was the last time you washed your bra? Apparantly, we’re all guilty of hanging on a bit too long. Boob sweat collects in the fabric, and causes bacteria to build up. Not only can that cause a smell to build up, but it can be responsible for skin rashes, too. Yeugh.

9. Washing Your Hands

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Did you think none of these unhygienic things that you do every day would apply to you? Even if you’ve done okay up until now, this one will get you. You wash your hands…and then touch various things that everyone else has had to touch, too. Door handles, soap dispensers, anything. Your hand goes exactly where the 95% of people who didn’t wash their hands properly (or at all) have just touched.

These unhygienic things that you do every day have certainly got me upping my hygiene! I’ve got a new appreciation for anti bac, and I’m handing out hand wipes like they are going out of fashion. Do you know of any other unhygienic things that you do every day? I’d love to hear them!

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