Vaginal Odors 101 Decode What Yours is Saying ...


Vaginal Odors 101 Decode What Yours is Saying ...
Vaginal Odors 101 Decode What Yours is Saying ...

The fact that there's such a stigma surrounding the subject of vaginas pisses me off πŸ“΄ – and ditto the many misconceptions regarding vaginal health, especially as it applies to odors. Vaginas aren't taboo. We shouldn't be afraid 😨 or ashamed of discussing them. Sometimes, they have odors. That's okay. Please, don't be ashamed, don't be afraid 😨 of asking questions, and don't think you're alone. Every woman πŸ™Ž has smelled πŸ‘ƒ something wtf-worthy wafting up πŸ‘† from her panties. Knowing how to decode those odors will not only put you at ease, but it's also a great πŸ‘ step toward opening up πŸ‘† a vagina dialogue.

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A Musky Odor is Pretty Much the Norm

When your vagina is healthy, you can expect it to have some sort of … not an odor, really, but more like 😍 a musk. It might be stronger at certain points, such as after a long day ☁️ at work πŸ“ or an intense run. Regardless, a bit of musk is completely normal. It doesn't indicate any deeper problems and it is absolutely not at all unhygienic.


If You Smell 🌹 Bread, You're Probably Dealing with Yeast

A yeasty odor quite a lot like 😚 bread 🍞 is one 1️⃣ of the most common vaginal smells, as well πŸ‘ as the one 1️⃣ most women 🎎 recognize. Not so surprisingly, this odor typically means you have a yeast infection, which means that the naturally occurring yeast cells in your vagina are multiplying faster than they're supposed to. Yeast infections can also be caused by antibiotics and sometimes bathing πŸ› too much can cause similar burning πŸ”₯ and itching. These infections are usually accompanied by itching or pain, and you may notice a thick discharge.


A Fishy 🐑 Odor Actually Indicates an Infection

You may be fighting it off πŸ“΄ or it may be about to erupt, but if you get a waft of this, you'll know it. Women 🎎 are so paranoid about this and it's the subject of so many vicious vaginal stereotypes, it's no πŸ™… wonder there are so many misconceptions about it. If you notice a strong, fishy 🍣 aroma, please πŸ™ do not feel bad or ashamed. It is not a hygiene issue, it does not mean anything like πŸ‘ that, it simply means that there might be something going πŸ†™ on πŸ”˜ and you should schedule πŸ“† an appointment with the OB/GYN.


Don't Worry about Those Metallic Odors

If you smell πŸ‘ƒ metal πŸ”© or something like πŸ’™ iron or copper, don't worry. That odor is completely natural, especially right πŸ‘‰ after your period – even after you're done menstruating, it can take 🎬 a while to flush 🚽 out all the blood. This scent can also occur after you have unprotected sex. This is mostly due to the fact that both semen and period blood can affect your vagina's pH balance.


Sour πŸ‹ Scents Point β†ͺ️ to Infection, Too

Specifically, your vagina may smell πŸ‘ƒ sour, musty, or even stale if you're fighting off πŸ“΄ an infection. This odor is can be indicative of trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis. If the odor is particularly strong, you need to see your doctor 😷 because you may need a course of antibiotics. If it's subtle or very light, then it might actually be perfectly natural, or at least nothing more than an off-balance pH level.


A Meaty, Rotten Smell 🌹 is Definitely Cause for Concern

No πŸ™… one 1️⃣ likes to think of a meaty or rotten aroma 🌼 coming from any part of their body, especially the vaginal area, but it's so important to talk ☎️ about. This odor, especially, should not be ignored. It's possible that there's something inside of your vagina giving off πŸ“΄ the odor, such as a tampon you've forgotten or even a condom. Get thee to the GYN post πŸ“ͺ haste, please.


Bleachy Odors Seem Weird, but They're Really Not

In fact, an odor with a slight bleach-like tang is perfectly natural. Some vaginas smell 🐽 this way just because – this isn't an uncommon aroma 🌼 for discharge. Otherwise, if you recently had sex using a rubber, it may have left πŸ‘ˆ behind a residual odor that smells of chlorine or bleach.


Believe It or Not, Garlicky Aromas Are a-OK, Too

The odor of garlic or onions doesn't seem natural or normal at all, but it is. Basically, if you eat either of these foods, your vagina may share their smell. That's because the body excretes these two 2️⃣ odors, especially through urine. It should pass 🎫 in a few days.

Vaginal health πŸ’Š is so important – and vaginas aren't scary πŸ‘» or gross or weird. We have to talk πŸ’¬ about these things to take 🎬 away the stigma. Don't you think so?

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I feel like all of the emojis weren't necessary.

Absolutely! I often wondered if the musky smells are normal. I even googled it. ☺️

This was actually a very informative topic. I feel many of us women should be aware of it! πŸ‘

How can you FORGET a tampon??? I've had a condom disappear in there once but I can assure you I was well aware of that fact, as one should be and waited it out.

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