5 Ways Emotional Stress 😩 Affects Your Face πŸ™ˆ ...

There are several ways that emotional stress affects your face and once you know what they are, you can take care of them.

Stress is a human emotion that is totally unavoidable. Whether it is a quick pang of anxiety or a much deeper, more serious stress related condition, almost everyone in the world has suffered at one time or another. Though the feelings that stress evokes feel very much internal and psychological, the truth is that many signs of the pressure and discomfort can often be seen on your face. Even if you think you are hiding your stress from the outside world, your face might actually be giving it away, here are five ways that emotional stress affects your face.

1. Dark Circles under Your Eyes

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One of the biggest ways that emotional stress affects your face is getting dark circles under your eyes. Constant stress can often lead to sleepless nights, and when you don’t get the sleep that your body needs to stay fresh, you will find that dark circles start to appear around and underneath your eye area. These circles can also be caused by blood flowing to the capillaries under your eyes because your blood pumps faster when you are anxious.

2. New Wrinkles Form

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Wrinkles aren’t just something that come with age. They can also develop from being exposed to regular stressful situations. Long term stress can have a real impact on your brain chemistry, which causes wrinkles to appear much faster than in a carefree person. For example, you will notice that when you have been crying, there are many more lines around your mouth and forehead than usual.

3. Imperfections Appear on Your Skin

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It is common knowledge that stress can bring on things like acne and other skin breakouts, and this isn’t just limited to pimples. Stress can make your skin feel itchy, flaky and break out in hives at unwanted moments. These changes are likely brought on, once again by the rush of blood that occurs in the face when feelings of anxiety are present.

4. Hair Loss

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We have all seen people dramatically losing their hair in movies, thanks to shocking situations. But it can happen at a less dramatic but equally upsetting rate for people suffering from constant stress. Your hormones can actually flip the switch on your hair follicles, changing them from growth stage to resting stage before it is naturally time, and this leads to some hair coming out that otherwise would remained healthy on the head for much longer.

5. Tired Appearance

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Not all people who suffer from stress cannot sleep, but the physical effects that anxiety has on your body still makes you look as though you were up worrying all night. It might not even be something that you yourself notice, but instead those close to you comment on your appearance and ask if you are getting enough rest at night.

We often forget there are physical manifestations of stress. By dealing with the emotional aspects, you also tackle the physical.

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